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Growth Bite: Use pre-recorded demo videos to boost retention

Customer support and one-on-one demos keep retention up but they're time-consuming — for you and your customers. Save time and cut churn with pre-recorded demo videos.

Confused customers will often churn before going through the hassle of reaching out for help. You can easily answer their questions while showcasing the strengths of your product by recording short tutorial videos. Just record your screen with apps like Loom and Vidyard while you walk through your product. One video might do the trick, but for bigger products, it may be beneficial to create one for each feature or page. Then put it somewhere unobtrusive in the product, perhaps with a "Watch the Demo" button. Or you can embed the video on the Home, FAQ, or Support pages. Of course, you're still going to need to provide stellar support and maybe even jump on those demo calls, but this should make it more manageable while keeping churn down.

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