Growth Hack: Engage on IH

Seriously though, I'm just getting involved in this community. On Sunday, I jumped into a new group and so appreciate how encouraging everyone is.

Right now Intro CRM is just a blog and WIP Bubble app. People are now asking for my product, pressuring me to keep building--which is the point, right?

I believe engaging in this community is an excellent way to grow your project. I've connected with founders and am actively using IH products for client work--like Mailswipe by @WizardofGrowth. Alright, back to work 😅

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    Ha, that's awesome! :) Just joined your waitlist, excited to see what you'll come up with and I'll most likely be one of your first users.

    Back to work! ;-)

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    You are definitely onto something. I have been searching for a simple CRM. I have found quite a few but haven't settled on one yet - looking strongly at youdontneedacrm.com & https://stacker.app/. Many others I looked at I find myself managing the tool vs. the tool being an aid. Keep it simple, budget-friendly for small businesses. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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      great feedback thank you @bflitter... that's a very good way of phrasing it -- managing the tool 🤔

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    Harris, IH is amazing, friendly helpful people all around

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    love this, thanks for sharing!!

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    Ahah that's amazing ! Keep growing ;)

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    Looks like things are picking up.

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