[Growth Hack] to Increase your Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook followers by 10x.

Hi All,

For a while now, i have been jotting down some really useful Marketing Growth Hacks which I & my team have personally executed and found great results.

Wanted to share it with my IndieHackers community. Do use them and let me know how it works.

Below is one:

How to Increase your Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook followers by 10x?

Use your Instagram account as a Chat Support. That's it! (See the image for reference)

This way, you turn your website visitors into followers, engagement & offer chat support simultaneously.

If you guys like what you read and it really helped, do hit a follow for more such Growth Hacks and Ideas on www.twitter.com/DASirur

Stay Safe y'all

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    Sorry, I must be dumb, but I'm not sure I follow what the screenshot means. So what you're saying is to redirect users to DM you on instagram / twitter when they need support?

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      Yes. You can also do better by offering a discount so that they come over to your social media account to interact with you and follow you.

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    Simple and effective.

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      Right? Worked like magic to me!

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