Growth, what is your biggest struggle?

As indie hackers/tech founders there can be an overwhelming amount of tips and tricks for marketing and growing your product (this group is evidence).

However, as a builder, you want to build BUT you appreciate the need for traction and product-market fit so you are at a crossroads.

What do you struggle with the most with marketing?

What do you struggle with in marketing your product? (add alternatives in comments)
  1. Creating content that drives traffic/SEO links
  2. Building a marketing site/landing page that converts
  3. Conducting sales to actually start getting the product out in front of people
  4. Knowing which channel to focus on
  5. Knowing what content to create and why
  6. Content marketing in general
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    Can I say affiliate recruitment?

    1. 2

      Hey Jay, I just enabled our new Affiliate Finder on your account. You should receive an email shortly. ;)

      1. 1


        I just saw you guys introduced autopay too.

        Keep building and getting better. 💪

    2. 1

      Of course! Is there any particular area that you have an issue with? The search or the onboarding, for example.

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    I voted content creation even though the product I'm building does not create any content, but I feel it's quite difficult to reach to my audience on each platform I want to and make them go to corepo.org, especially through Twitter

    1. 1

      Thanks for the response!

      I suppose the question is - are your users on Twitter? Who are your users? What are their struggles? What should they do with your platform to benefit them?

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