gSheets API Data Polling?

We’re currently using Google sheets and glide to get running, but need regular API polling.

We’re trying out Apipheny as a Google sheet add-on to pull data, any other preferences that no code food use?

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    I built a product to do just this! Check out https://sheetdream.io. Reach out to me and I'd be happy to help you get started.

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      That sounds solid. I glanced through your docs (I was interested if you support scheduling) and they seemed really good. Nice work!

      Unfortunately, for now we've moved on from this, but I hope this works well for you. I'll take a look if we need to revisit this part of our process!

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    If you ever need to build website using Google Sheets. you can try out our product https://sitefast.live.

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    Hi @mzollinhofer we are building Chartmat.com - it's similar to Glide. We are currently testing direct API integration, if you are interested to join the BETA send me a DM. Thanks!

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      Interesting, we might reevaluate in the future. Will check out your site.

      What features should I be looking forward too?

      One thing we’re looking for when we switch is the ability to have an app in the App Store rather than a PWA.

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    So you need to pull some external (API) data into Google Sheets which then gets displayed in your glide app?

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      Yeah, exactly. We’ve got something working, just curious about how others approach it.

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