Guide to Building with Serverless AWS

Hello fellow developers. I have spent quite a bit of time building with AWS, specifically their serverless offerings like Lambda and DynamoDB. My experience started in an enterprise setting so I learned most of what I know through working with high scale production applications. I took that knowledge and learned some more in order to create my own applications and products as an Indiehacker.

In an attempt to cement my knowledge both for myself and anyone else that might benefit from it, I wrote a high level guide to help newcomers. My goal was to focus on specific services and give a high level introduction on what different types of integrations exist to start building products with serverless AWS. I think it might be of benefit for other Indiehackers because the pricing model really caters to us and allows for super high scale if you know what you are doing.

It is completely free through my blog, but I might create an eBook through Gumroad or something later on down the line with a little more content. I'm more than happy to answer any questions on the topic of AWS and accept any feedback. Thank you!


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