Gym Again! (Day 519)

After weeks of sleep deprivation and lack of exercise, I feel my body is disintegrating. I can feel my arm muscles dissolving--my body is aching for weight training.

Since the pandemic started, I have stopped going to the gym and running at home on the treadmill, and dumbbells and pushups are not the same as working out in a gym. So I finally joined one in my new neighborhood. There is no initiation fee, many free classes, lots of space between machines, and both indoor and outdoor pools! I can't ask for more!

I attended my first yoga class today. Unfortunately, I am so rigid I can't stretch in any direction, lol. Next is to get working out into my schedule to block out time to keep myself healthy.

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    Hey Calvin. I also started yoga, especially BECAUSE I was so tight... and I totally recommend to persist. It will help you immensely, also with your gym training.

    But it takes at least a couple of months to see some progress. Go for it.

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      It's like learning a new programming language, I have no clue where to start, just "copy-and-pasting" some gestures here and there, lol. Thanks for the encouragement, I'll try to stick to it, so I can stretch better for other sports. Keep it up, both of us, Igor!

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        haha, just keep up with it! it' the same as with everything, persistence pays! :)

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