HackerIntro Landing Page Feedback


Would you mind giving me constructive feedback on a recent update of hackerintro.com?

It had a make-over from a "pick your role" landing page that didn't talk about what it is (https://www.loom.com/share/1f9096e3960c468dbc0734b397aeaa1e) to something that (hopefully) captures the birds-eye picture of what it does for different audiences.

The copy is still a bit rough, but I want to see if the general direction is "right."


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    Like the illustrations. Find the cookie banner on top to be pretty distracting. Because the illustrations are so popping my eye is drawn to them instead of what it is you want me to click (sign-up) so it'd be nice to have some like visual differentiation between those.

    I don't follow my own advice (https://tooltip.com). But think picking one audience to speak to early on and then expanding more on their value props / showing some social validation (help a friend out in exchange for a quote) could also help explain why I'd want to buy this specifically amidst a sea of hiring services online. If you do choose to do this curious to see where it'll land.

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    Looks good imo. Next step would just be testimonials for both sides i guess.

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