May 22, 2019

Hackers: What are your day jobs?

Jerry ⚡ @jerryalex

I'm curious to know what we all do for a living while working on our side hustles!

My day job: Software Engineer at a non-tech company

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    Day job? Yuck!


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      That's rudely motivating. Hahaha. I agree, though.

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      I can't wait until I can say that and not need one :P

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    I live off of my savings. I was a software engineer. I don't want to get another 8-17 type job again. ewwwww..... I do my best work at 2AM anyway.

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      Same here, was a software engineer, too . The freedom is really what I was looking for the whole time. Waking up whenever you want, wherever you want. Living off my savings for now, will see how it goes :)

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    During the day, I work as a software engineer at a cryptocurrency exchange.

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      Nice! How close are you to going full time with your business?

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        I'm actually not 100% sure on that. I'd like to wait until Keygen is making more than what my full time gig provides. Looking at my Baremetrics stats, and taking into account my current growth rate, I'd say at least another year. But that could change, especially if I could start acquiring larger customers more often.

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    Systems Development Director at a Cannabis Company

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    Full stack developer at a civic engagement startup

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    lead cross platform mobile engineer @ music software company

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    Senior Creative Technologist building voice apps and skills for major brands via a marketing agency in NY. Fell in love with the voice first space a couple years ago and the day job keeps food on the table while I burn midnight oil on my dreams.

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    Doing contract work as a developer

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    I am a project manager in procurement information system in a major bank

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    I have a bunch of stuff going on but no day job:

    • trying to spread indiehacking to my friends
    • helping local startups (for free)
    • occasional remote contract work when I have time

    I'm in an odd situation. I literally owe my tech career to California-style abusive, er I mean "rigorous" tech interviews. Without such a system where I could shine, there's no way a non-credentialed outsider like me could have gotten in. Thanks to having worked at 1 unicorn and then having done very well through the interviewing process at Google and FB before canceling my final onsites and taking a job at a YC company, their recruiters have been reaching out to me repeatedly over the past 3 years.

    In economic terms, I should just go back to the bay area and work full-time. But I hate those kinds of interviews. The big co's all suck nearly identically in terms of the process. The smaller ones with a brand can be even worse.

    One YC company actually had me go in for four on-sites. The recruiter said they all liked me and to come in and discuss the final details the next day and then when I got there the next morning, they sprung another quick coding challenge on me and didn't make an offer. The recruiter said I had strong advocates, 6 yeses and one no and they have a strict policy of only hiring on unanimous decisions. And of course I was paying bay area rent and seeing my savings dwindle that entire time.

    I'd rather live somewhere cheap, indiehack and earn less than the US poverty level than go through that yet again. At least in the immediate future. And when my business is at the point where I'm hiring, I'm going to think long and hard about how to do it more humanely.

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      Yeah, I've been there. This is outrageous. They have absolute disregard for all the effort, preparation and money the candidate has to invest to go through a process like that. Probably a good indicator of how they would treat you if you were hired. I'm looking for a job right now and stories like yours just make me sick to my stomach.

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    iOS Engineer at an enterprise company in SF

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    Did product / mobile app consulting work while I was working on Taskade part-time. Happy to be working on Taskade full-time now for the past year and half.

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    Full time hacker

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    Software engineer - work as a freelancer for a small tech EU company

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    Analytics consultant. A lot of data work, data visualization, and a random assortment of whatever else gets sprinkled in along the way.

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    Engineering Manager (former full-stack developer) at a communications company.

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    Lead Engineer in the media space. Mainly spend my time working on internal tools, DevOps and release engineering.

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    Am a Project Manager (investments) at one of the big banks!

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    Software developer at a small tech company

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    During the day, Senior Engineer hacking on a cold email marketing tool.

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    I'm a digital marketing & conversions specialist for a digital agency. As of next week, I'll be taking the leap into a month of full-time making 🚀

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    senior web developer at a bootstrapped startup

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    Senior electrical engineer working with hydroelectric power plants in a big company and also I'm trying to make my edtech take off!

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    I work as a Senior Software Engineer in a startup(automotive).

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    Tech lead at a large sports video streaming company.

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      Tech Lead is the best!

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