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Hacking Twitter - Let's follow each other. (vol.3)

manyTomas @manyTomas

Hello, indie hackers, the greatest community on the planet Earth :O.

It's time for another one official Twitter Hacking Session - (vol. 3)

So, If you guys want to grow your twitter accounts - let's follow each other. Post your twitter link below and grow together.

Stats from the last hacking.

To make it easier to follow each other, I'm curating the list of all indie hackers who have joined the hacking twitter (vol.1, vol.2 and vol.3) >> Open the list on Twitter

Here is my link -
Have a great day guys and thx for every one link.

  1. 11

    Great initative!

    Don't forget the "Indiehackers guide to growing your Twitter audience" 🤓.

    Focus on quality followers. Not just ratio's :) Better to have 10 genuine fans vs 100 people who only follow for follow.

    1. 2

      Thanks! Very useful resource.

      I'm just starting out too on Twitter, will follow everyone back:

    2. 2

      That's one exhaustive post. Thank you for sharing :)

      I just started posting on Twitter @

      Will definitely find it helpful.

      Also, congrats for cracking the 6-Figure mark today :D

    3. 2

      Just stumbled on this guide randomly before seeing this post. Fantastic resource.

    4. 2

      Totally agree. But just started my account a few weeks ago so not being too fussy right now :)

  2. 6

    Creating an easy-to-use copywriting ✍️ tool for marketers & indiehackers.

    Starting to document my journey on Twitter!


    1. 3

      Love the username 😂

      1. 2

        You got that? XD

        (now or never) #mindfulness

  3. 4

    Beware, I am the Dadjokes champ for 2020. I also tweet about: Mobile, Product development, Coffee and Parenting.

  4. 4

    I tweet about UI/UX, coding, jokes :)

  5. 4

    Missed the first two, getting in early on this one 😊.

  6. 3

    Indie game developer and looking for SAAS ideas.

    1. 2

      What games have you done? Put some links in your bio. :)

      1. 2

        I'm currently working on the game, it's not released yet. Though I worked in game publishing companies over 8 years and We have published many games in MENA Region.

  7. 3

    🙌🙌🙌 - Tweeting about learning/unlearning, product development, and growth!

    I also recommend following the list of Indiehackers that @manyTomas created on Twitter!

    1. 1

      Here's a twitter list that also contains members of @manyTomas's twitterlist and everyone who has commented on this post.

      I curate and update the list regularly too :D

  8. 3

    I write about digital rights and ethical tech.

  9. 3

    Follow the progress of
    🚀 and
    other projects I am working on:

  10. 3

    UX/UI tips, updates on our product, and soon we'll be offering free UX/UI feedback :)

  11. 3

    AH cool a new Twitter hack thread!!!

    ✨ Former CTO, turned into marketing
    🚀 Co-founder of
    📣 Growth | Startups | Marketing | Tech

  12. 3
    I'm just starting to use twitter lol.
    I plan on tweeting something new I learn about tech every day

    1. 3

      People will love that!

  13. 3

    Finding a username was a nightmare. Finally settled on this:

    Technically it's how you would pronounce my name in spanish, and it's also pretty short at 5 letters.

    I will be posting about my projects (most of them AI). Hope you find my stuff interesting!

  14. 3

    ha! indiehackers is on a roll 🥳 🤟🏻

    I’m here @marvindanig and I generally tweet about indie stuff, art or awesome recipes. 🙌🏻

  15. 3

    I like to connect with fellow indie hackers on Twitter :)

  16. 3

    I tweet about software projects I am developing and ml experiments

  17. 3

    Lets do it.

    Looking forward to connecting with fellow makers.

    P.S we already follow each other. :)

    1. 2

      Forgot to add this. I tweet about startups, designs and about my projects.

  18. 2

    I'm a bit late to the party, but here's my Twitter: I'll follow people in the list! Thanks @manyTomas!

  19. 2

    Hello everyone! I am writing about Flutter&Firebase and indiehacking in general. Also I will start to blog about interesting stuff. Check me out:

  20. 2
    Founder and developer of a handful of iOS apps and a SaaS

  21. 2

    I'm trying to be more active on twitter! Great interactions are what's gonna make it happen. Let's do this indie hackers!

  22. 2

    I am also just starting to use twitter

  23. 2

    I tweet about technology products, growth hacking. :)

  24. 2

    Thanks for doing this, Tomas!

    — I’m an indie interface designer and frontend developer. I had a short stint at running my own startup (Sequence) but things don’t always work out the way you hope it would be. Failing was painful, and depressing. It took me a significant amount of time to get over my failure and depression, as well as burnout and I’m now finally ready to dip my toes into design-entrepreneurship again.

    You can follow me on Twitter to follow my next journey: @andyngo


  25. 2
    I write about tech, startups, and products (my product is

    Love the list on Twitter. So many amazing folks!

  26. 2
    Engineer, AI researcher, web and flutter dev. working on

  27. 2

    I tweet about my startup’s conversational NLP software, my Stock market auto trading software, and more.

  28. 2

    Hi! Here is mine

    BTW I am seasoned developer and I am interested in good ideas. If somebody needs a dev to join an Indie project for shares (not money) contact me. If I like an idea, I will help you.

  29. 2

    Great idea – I was just thinking to dust off my account!

  30. 2

    Trying to focus on coding tips (mostly Ruby) and my own SaaS struggle :)

  31. 2

    Please y'all should follow back

  32. 2

    I would love to connect on twitter! I tweet about coding, no-code and a few other topics.

  33. 2

    Sounds great. I chat mostly about the nocode space -

  34. 2

    This is great and in perfect moment as I just started twitter account for my UX courses project :)


  35. 2

    I tweet about marketing, philosophy, self-improvement, and productivity.

  36. 2

    needs a little support in exchange of the same :D

  37. 2

    Really cool idea, didn't get the chance for previous vols. Here is mine:

    Trying to post about programming, growth.

  38. 2

    Tweeting about Entrepreneurship, Customer Experience, and Agency life!

  39. 2

    Just starting out, will follow everyone back

  40. 2

    I'm at

    I tweet mostly about JavaScript, random dev stuff, and my indie journey. Follow me if interested.

  41. 2

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and on Twitter too. I will start a SaaS soon.

    1. 1

      Great. Twitter is excellent for indie makers. I recommend you to follow more people. They will follow you back, and you can start building your audience.

  42. 2

    Right now I mostly retweet other people's wisdom, looking forward to connect with fellow makers, and retweet yours ^^

  43. 2
    With my new online game just released:, I'll be posting mostly about things related to Google Street Views, interesting places around the world, and of course my thoughts on product creation, marketing etc.

    I'll follow back anyone who follows me, let's get this ball rolling!

  44. 2

    @Martin_dimov for following a bootstrapping startup journey ;)

  45. 2

    Great idea...and thank you!
    Just followed you.

  46. 2

    Developer/Hacker/Agency owner nerd - Thanks for the follows!

  47. 2

    Sharing the journey of building profitable bootstrapped business there.

  48. 2

    My boyfriend here 👉

    Posts about:

    • Jokes 🃏
    • How to create digital products 🛠️
    • How to grow what you do 🌳
    • Development stuff from his experience as an engineer 💻

    Maybe I have to tell him to join IH

  49. 2

    I tweet about indie hacking (obviously), remote work, data science, climate solutions, and things that I find hilarious

  50. 2

    Twitter is a lonely place when you just get started!

    Thanks for the post & good idea! ✌️

    1. 1

      Thank you. Did you just start?

  51. 2

    Most of my tweets are about helping founders access non-dilutive capital.

  52. 2

    Product Manager & maker, working on a company in the video content space that will be sharing soon!

  53. 2

    Great initiative!
    Will follow back all who follow me!
    I post several times a week about PE/VC investors for startups

    1. 1

      Thank you. Now following you.

  54. 2

    Hello there. My profile is:

    Looking forward to meet you there! :)

  55. 2

    I tweet about building things fast using no-code and low-code tools, coding and how to be an entrpreneur as a new dad 😅

  56. 2

    I tweet about development. Mostly just funny things.

  57. 2

    Do you know a good way of following the full list of yours?

    1. 1

      You need to click. Twitter bans automation

      1. 1

        It doesn't if you do it right. I've extracted a list of users on your list and ran automation to follow 400 accounts.

  58. 2

    Running Discord Bot Studio. A profitable visual programming tool for making chatbots on Discord.

  59. 2

    Thanks for that great initiative!
    I will gladly follow back whoever follows me.

  60. 2

    Hi, I like this! I just started my account not long ago and would love to follow other Indie Hackers. Mine is

    1. 1

      You are welcome. Twitter is great for indie makers!

  61. 2

    Hey Folks, here's my twitter.
    I'll start adding everybody

  62. 2

    I'll follow back whoever follows me

  63. 2

    I work on a brand new email app and share my journey on the bird app :)

  64. 2

    Great idea! Will be sure to follow back everyone and stay social.

    Looking forward to connecting with you fine builders!

    Yes, I really put my name as my handle:
    This is the Mac app I'm working on most now:

    1. 1

      Thank you! Followed back.

  65. 2

    I am posting mostly about Productivity and my Indie Projects 🙂🥑

  66. 2

    Dev resources, Blockchain & DeFi, IndieHackers & Makers and more!

  67. 2

    I'm using Twitter to curate a newsfeed of fascinating facts and content.
    Travel | History | News | Culture
    And each fact has a magic link that pins it to a world map and history timeline.

    And it's social so anyone can create notes and post. Would be great to grow the team.

  68. 2

    @ryanerickson I write about Project Management and leadership. Be the best at what you do!

    1. 3

      I just followed EVERYONE on this list as of 10:02 Pacific... that's a lot of new peeps!

      1. 2

        Followed back at 20:54 CET.

  69. 2

    Thanks for this initiative, Tomas! Already your follower, so will post for the others:
    I'm Katya, a UX designer and product strategy advisor living between London and Lviv. Helping start-ups and scale-ups find new markets, validate ideas, and design products that matter.
    Follow me for product design insights and tips:
    Will follow everyone back later today ✌️

    1. 1

      Thank you for joining again!

  70. 2

    I'm here to testify that this actually works... down to following or being followed by the right people.

    Find me here: [infrequent posts about anything]

    EDIT: I will try to follow you back promptly but sometimes I miss the twitter alert and end up following back much much later...

  71. 2

    Followed you and will follow everyone back later today @HarrisonKugler

  72. 2

    Full Stack Machine Learning Engineer tweeting about startups, AI and building


  73. 2

    All things business philosophy and technology.

  74. 2

    I'm bootstrapping a SaaS CRM for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses. Tweet about sales/growth, other indie/bootstrapped businesses, and the Dad Life 🚼 Baby arriving in a month... ish

  75. 2

    I'm planning to tweet about entrepreneurship | innovation | self improvement | futurism

  76. 2

    don't follow me! don't read my tweets!

    1. 1

      Thanks for joining!
      Following you.

  77. 2
    Yes,this is me the tuujee founder.If you like digital painting,come and follow me.
    And this is the co-founder,she is a model girl and a digital painting artis.

    1. 1

      Thanks for joining! Following both of you.

  78. 2

    I'm a designer and developer building multiple products. I specialise in Vue, Laravel and UX/UI design.

  79. 2

    😄 Cool! This is a great idea. 😄

    I've found a few useful related twitter threads:

    For code tips, web dev tips, visualizations, generative art, and my recent posts on my feel free to give me a follow

    🗒 Also if you want, check out my

    Thanks! 🍻

    1. 1

      Thank you for joining and also for the value you added by your post!

  80. 2


    I build in public.
    I tweet about web dev, digital design and I drop resources often.


    My newsletter.

    My sideproject

  81. 2

    I tweet about upcoming launch, design, marketing and life in Russia a bit :)

  82. 2

    I'm an indie game dev, I post about games I'm working on. Hope you like it :)

  83. 2

    Here I am 🚀

    I tweet about my experience doing UX/UI and what I learn

  84. 2

    Agency Insights, productivity, health and fitness

  85. 2

    I tweet about product, node.js and serverless (and the occasional shitpost).

    I want to see the journey of all indie hackers and help when/where I can.

    I'll follow everyone who replies to this comment! See you in the DMs :)

  86. 2 learning to code and trying to get off the ground. Happy to connect.

    1. 1

      Thank you for joining the session. I would like to build a community also.

  87. 2

    hahaha again but let's do it @manyTomas

    I'd love to have more indies, side hustlers, no-coders in my network:

    1. 1

      Yes. From the feedback I gathered, many people find some new people to follow, which is excellent, I think.

  88. 2

    Tweets about Web Development, mostly JavaScript

  89. 2

    Software architecture, CI/CD, trying to get developers to sell their side projects, some GIFs :-)

  90. 2

    Mostly developer memes and some cool tech jobs :)

  91. 2

    Would love to meet more of ya'll on Twitter!! :D

  92. 2

    The best personal growth books, podcasts, apps, products, & courses all in one place.

  93. 2

    I tweet about all things tech, product and entrepreneurship

  94. 2

    Android Engineer, Trainer and Maker.

    Rarely tweets out of tech topics.

  95. 2

    Tweeting about projects, maker tools, friend’s launches 🚀...

  96. 2
    Why not, no harm! I tweet about all thing tech leadership as well as my interests of Cycling, 3d, and Productisation

  97. 2

    Thanks for doing this Tomas! I tweet about outbound lead generation tactics mostly.

    Always happy to give that one 'like' or upvote for your new or soon to be launched product/service. Or any of your small or big victories for that matter!

  98. 2

    Tweeting about some of the projects I'm working on:

  99. 2

    I decided to join in last time even though I wasn't so aligned with the idea. Boy was I wrong though, tons of interesting people followed me and I followed everyone back and my feed has been a lot more interesting since.

    Here is my twitter:

    1. 2

      same here! skipped the first few as I'm usually apprehensive of follow-for-follow challenges. But this one was worth it.

    2. 1

      Thank you for your feedback. It's precisely the reason why I'm doing it.

  100. 2

    Great. I tweet mostly about software and i18n

  101. 2

    Awesome 👏

    Here is mine - Follow if you find my content useful.


  102. 2

    Great idea!

    My person Twitter:
    My automation agency:

    Excited to follow new people.

  103. 1

    We tweet about automation platform, with a focus on RegTech, FinTech.

  104. 1

    Hey all, I'm the co-founder at a tech startup working on a product that's using an internal blockchain and end-to-end encryption to secure all your documents and chat for any kind of project. Think email+dropbox+slack in one place, and secure.

    If this sounds interesting to you then I'd love to connect on Twitter! This is new to me, personally and professionally, so I'm literally starting from zero!

    Find us here:


  105. 1

    Just signed up on Indie hacker and found this amazing post.

    I tweet about systems thinking.

  106. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  107. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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