Had an idea, built the MVP overnight and started getting sign-ups via Twitter.

One of my favorite things to do is to have an idea, sit down, and build the MVP all in one session.

That's what happened this weekend.

I had an idea for a mini social network:

I thought it was a fun idea that harkens back to things like chat rooms, forums, and other sites from when the internet was wild.

I'm calling it HushHush right now, and will be slowing rolling out invites as I keep building features and fixing bugs.

If you think it's a neat idea, sign up for the waitlist here: hushhush.club

If you want to follow my daily build-in-public updates, I'll be posting them over on Twitter: @JamieHoward

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    Congrats on getting the MVP out! I'm also drawn to this idea of building really quickly - how were you able to decide what the MVP was and how did you know when it was done?

    1. 3

      A basic social network actually isn’t too hard as long as you have your posts, likes, follows, comments, etc.. I know my first test group of users would be friends I know, so as quickly as they can do all of the core functions, then we’re ready to go.

      Also, since the premise involves unlocking features as you go, there’s a bit of built-in grace for not having everything there yet.

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    are those features that you unlock documented? I can see the path?
    Do they include like "you can choose an avatar" and "you can upload a photo now" and "you can change your user name".

    1. 1

      Not documented yet because I'm just getting started. Built out all of the core functionality for folks to start using the platform. It's a social experiment, so I'll be relying heavily upon the userbase within the app to decide what features to unlock.

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    Congrats on the progress! If you want more feedback/traction on it, would you wanna post it on Kern.al?

    We'd be happy to feature the idea in our weekly newsletter which goes out to 5,000 other founders/seed investors

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