Productized Services October 15, 2020

Happy to introduce – Publishing system for authors was launched.

Alex Ignatov @alexignatov

Hello dear indiehackers community. Im happy to introduce the system for loading products into the The is the marketplace for digital products you've been waiting for. Now everyone who wants to become an author can do it automatically. Just Register and start selling.

For upload the product us this link:

Why is it cool?

  1. Large commissions for authors at the start. Author's commission starts at 70% from the first sale.
  2. No hypocritical product moderation. Publish any product you want and how much you want.
  3. Search engines love us. Most of the products published on the immediately goes to the Google search results.
  4. You can withdraw any amount via request. Withdraw at least $ 1. There is a button for this in your personal account.

What is right now? This is a digital marketplace with more than:

  1. 22 000 + customers
  2. More 3200 + mobile app templates for download
  3. ~ 3% average CRT to purchase.
  4. Fastest support team.

Please feel free to ask me about Publishing system for authors in comments.

Illustration Ishi Love

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