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Happy to launch🎉🙏 Privacy focused, Simplest Bookmarking tool

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    Hey Indie Hackers,

    I am Ramakrishna Anand, happy to launch Lynkmark Beta - Simplest, privacy focused cloud based - bookmark manager.

    Why Lynkmark?❓

    Keeping your bookmarks organized in Browsers today is painful. And if you don’t stay on top of it, you’ll soon find yourself with months’ worth of links to go through and no time (or interest) to do it. Even worse, you can’t access those bookmarks outside of a particular Browser

    So, we’ve decided to create the simplest cloud based Bookmarking tool that helps you keep all your Bookmarks in one place and access them seamlessly anywhere - across all your devices.

    How does it different from other Bookmark Managers?🧐

    We've considered three important things in mind.

    1. Privacy - No analytics or tracking data inside the app - you links are completely private and secure.

    2. Ease of sharing - You can always share your bookmarks with friends or family via email or other platforms

    3. Simplicity - Keeping our interface minimal and simple.

    What about my existing Bookmarks? 🙄

    You might have accumulated bookmarks over the years shouldn’t go to waste.

    We’ve created an import bookmarks feature with high priority, so that you can pick up where you left off and start enjoying all the benefits of Lynkmark on your existing database.

    Can I add links to Lynkmark from my Chrome or Firefox?✔

    Yes, you can download our Extensions for Chrome and Firefox using the following


    Why is it not free?

    Lynkmark has an open and clear business model. There is no venture capital and exit strategies. We are in it for the long run. Your data is yours and will never be shared with anyone. This is our promise to you ✋.

    Hope you love this tool.

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