Growth July 7, 2020

Has any one had much success with Reddit ads?

Jordan cole @jordancole21

If so, what's some good advice on converting reddit users to customers or even email subscribers?

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    Reddit is not a great Advertising platform for many reasons (Lack of clarity on results and tracking, small outcomes, suspect traffic (bots), ...)

    As stated in this article from the Hubspot paid acquisition team:

    Ultimately, it's worth considering using Reddit as a platform for sharing content for the sake of helpfulness and audience engagement, rather than as a cost-effective advertising strategy.

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      Agreed on the suspect bot traffic. It's those moderator bots.

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        I don't know if it's coming from the mods. Nevertheless, advertising on Reddit should be considered only if you have a strong grasp on how to communicate/share content on this specific platform.

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    Would be nice to hear from success stories or lessons from on tips and traps.

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      Yeah I agree, I haven't come across very many.

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    I wrote a post with my results and some tips here.

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      Awesome I'll check it out!

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    We haven't tried Reddit yet, but we're going with a content marketing approach to funnel traffic in.

    That being sad, if your product is niche enough, Reddit could be a gold mine. I've seen book launches do pretty well through Reddit ads.

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      Thanks! Yeah I spent about $37 for an art client and got 101 clicks but no conversions. So that may be on my landing page now that I think about it

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    Community platforms such as Reddit have strong focus towards the context, they would just ignore the non-context ads unlike a social media platform like Facebook, where non-context ads converts well.

    This holds true for any community centric platform like HN and probably the reason why we aren't seeing Ads here(not counting stripe acquisition). Monetisation of any submission community like this would be at the expense of its users i.e. users may feel that the platform is profiting out of their efforts and would move on to next 'open/free' platform; regardless of how the platform can manage it's expenses.

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    No. Personally, I wouldn't pay for it.

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    I tried for about 2 weeks and got no conversions. Was posting on specific sub reddits where my target customers hang out. Not sure exactly what the issue was as their analytics are pretty bare.

    For me, it didn't work, but maybe you'd have better luck?