Hashnode technical writing Bootcamp for developers — Sessions are now available on YouTube

Hello everyone, I am Bruno and recently had a chance to host a technical writing bootcamp for developers, organized by Hashnode.

I'm also a Hashnode ambassador, so the above link is actually my invitation to you to join our community.

I want to combine two things into this IH post. First one is information about sessions and the guest speakers, and second one is a little bit personal, because this was the first time I was in this role.


We had 8 sessions in total, 6 were presentation-style and 2 were AMA

  • "Why every developer should blog? What are the best ways to start a blog in 2020?" by Chris Bongers
  • "Live AMA - Ask me anything" with James Q Quick
  • "How engineers can blog 'successfully' and grow their readership?" by Michaela Greiler
  • "Writing for AAA publications" by Ido Shamun
  • "How to overcome writer’s block as a beginner dev blogger?" by Ruth Ikegah
  • "Getting Started in Blogging: Writing Principles and Topic Selection" by Anna McDougall
  • "Live AMA - Ask me anything" with Catalin Pit
  • "How to write consistently?" by Aman Mittal

You can find the videos and more details here

I'm putting this post here since there were lots of valuable tips on writing blogs, covering common problems, not just when it comes to developers and writing technical posts.

Me as a online event host?

This was something new for me. Founders of hashnode approached me for this role, based on the videos I was doing for my Bruno Talks With YouTube channel.

They liked the style and the way I had the conversation with my guests so they saw me as a host for their event. The schedule was tight but I accepted it.

When I look back, it's nice to see that "one thing led to another". I tweeted about this when I got approached for the role of the event host

It was a bit different than recording my YT sessions, but then again they had something in common. Especially the AMA sessions where I had to keep keep it as a friendly conversation instead of pure reading questions from the list.

All in all it was a very nice experience for me and I got a lot of positive feedback.

For those who don't know me, this was one of the mini-projects I am doing to kick myself out of the comfort zone. I'm trying a lot of things so I could boost a little bit skills that I'm lacking. If you're following me on Twitter, you will see that I'm doing some courses, newsletters, podcasts, video recordings etc. Everything on a small scale, but I'm eager to find out about the processes and learn from them.

Anyways, thanks for reading, see you around!

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