Hashtags aren’t dead… Instagram just changed the game without anyone noticing 🤓

Today, you see so many Instagram users claim "hashtags don't work anymore" or "hashtags are dead." These days it seems that hashtags work half the time or even not at all. It's like our views that come from hashtags are completely random. We know Instagram is changing its algorithm but it's too hard to keep up. With all the unexplained behavior it's easy to write off using hashtags on Instagram but…

I promise hashtags are as valuable as ever. 🏆

In fact, because hashtag strategies on Instagram have become more complex and harder to understand if you know how to wield them then you way ahead of the curve. Unlocking their full potential and increasing your reach via hashtags can be what takes your brand to the next level.

There are two fundamental changes that Instagram made to their app recently that affect how we should be using hashtags. Understanding the motivation behind why Instagram implemented these changes is key to how you can use them to your advantage.

Check it out! ✍️

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    Great article and post. Just adding my 2 cents. The only way you know if someone is bs'ing is by testing. This requires testing Justin's theories with test accounts, e.g. you make new accounts just for the sake of testing. This is the only way people know if the algorithm has changed with solid proof.

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      I agree, please test any theory that you don't quite believe in if you want to see it for yourself. Although making a new account to test to completely the wrong way to do it. So much of your account's success has to do with how Instagram classifies your account and identifies you as a subject matter expert in each niche. Testing how strategies work on different accounts (likely throwaway) than you actually want to use them on isn't the best idea.

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        Thanks for replying. Then how can someone check if what you say is correct?

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          I was just pointing out that if you want to test if using strategy X on account A works or not then you need to just try it on account A. Strategy X may work on account A but not account B.

          If it doesn't work then you can delete posts/comments/stories/etc and clean up your profile/content easily.

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            So basically, your method for deducing a strategy doesn't follow the scientific method, but is just anecdotal. Not denying the importance of the latter, but I'm looking for something more solid. Is there anybody using either the scientific method, or statistical analysis to figure out Insta?

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    Super helpful, thanks for sharing! I'm pretty new to Instagram (for business) and want to build a following - do you have a favorite tip on where to start?

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      This is my go-to article for beginners. It should really help you get started on a new Business account.

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        Thanks Justin! This is great, appreciate the guidance.

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