Have you ever successfully stolen an idea?

IHs often worry about their ideas being stolen and the community response is usually the same - DW about that, it's all about execution, competition is good because the idea is validated etc etc.

So who here has seen a viable business and just cloned it? And makes money from it because the idea was validated out of the box?

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    lol. what a question.

    Those who worry about their ideas will be stolen. Either never had a product or they don't believe what they are doing. It's just an excuse to keep it for themselves. Or they are delusional that they think what they have is a unicorn. 🦄

    It's not just "competition is good", you can't have all the customers anyways. For someone to steal an idea,

    • He needs to have the same or better experience then me.
    • He should be willing to put enough time, like he has nothing else to do.
    • He needs to make the research I already did.

    If all those fit. Well whatever. In the end we will work together to market the niche. Which is often better. There are 7.8 billion people out there not racing for your product.

    The tools we use, is there any of them doesn't have an alternative? Before you subscribe for Netflix you check hulu, hbo, youtube premium... Whichever fits you, you join. If someone scares about that competition then please stop what you are doing.

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    Well, let me tell you.

    This is what happens all the time....

    • Cars
    • Houses

    You know...same shit different toilet.

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    There are no original ideas, everything isa combination of other things you have already seen . What matters is execution, if you're the best person to be building that product, then you should be building it

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    Good artists copy, great artists steal😎

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    Somebody over on Twitter asked a similar question this week. and this is how I look at it.

    Obviously I'm not for anybody just outright stealing other peoples products, source code or work.

    But I do think that 100% original and innovative ideas are very hard to come by, so by taking an existing idea and improving is okay, as long as you can provide a better value proposition.

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    Google wasn't the first search engine. Did they steal the idea? Or just execute better.

    Also, I've never seen an Intercom clone that was actually better than the original. That said, they've copied a lot from Zendesk and such and made it better (in my opinion at least).

    Ideas are shit, it's all about the execution.

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    I got inspired once in a startup competition where they used an interesting model to get upvotes on best ideas. All the viewers were given about 300 points to spend on the startups with love, and the winner judged based on the points acquired by a start-up.

    I was so much inspired that I couldn't stop myself from implementing this idea on our community page at community.habitate.io.

    Honestly, I don't feel like I stole the idea. We observe the world and we learn.

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