Have you read The Confidence Code?

I started reading "The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know" this month and it's been really helpful. I've been working on managing my confidence, self-motivation and self-care lately.

Has anyone read it?

What was the most insightful thing you learned from it?

Or, if you haven't read it, do you have self-confidence issues? How do you overcome them?


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    I have always been thinking over some limits I am not able to overcome as a woman. The biggest one is the fear that my family won't support me to spend too much time pursuing my career. Or not finding a partner that supports me for being ambitious. The conflict is that family is equally important to me.

    I guess my problem is not about self-confidence but about ambition. I'd feel extremely empowered when I receive mental support from a mentor, a co-worker or a family member, encouraging me to aiming higher. Sometimes it hurts when people say you should not aim more than that. What I can do is to acknowledge my fear, work on my fear gradually and rely on myself for determination.

    Also I often feel that I have impostor syndrome. There are a few videos in which (male) startup founders talk openly about their vulnerabilities that helped me gain more trust in myself.

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      Hi @huongngtm thanks for sharing your story!

      I have some tips from my experience. I don't feel understood by my family as well. Luckily, I have a partner who not only understands but also supports me.

      In terms of family, the way I handle is: I show respect to their opinions and I only share with them what I know will not cause conflicts or discussions. I choose very carefully where to direct my energy to. Because I lacked this support from them, I went outside to find people that had similar interests than me. I respect my family and their opinions, but I do not let them dictate how I am supposed to choose what matters to me.

      Those are not simple things to tackle as an adult. It's good that you're learning how to be more confident with yourself. I am also doing that, and it's a self journey that it might be more difficult depending on the person.

      I don't think you should ever stop doing anything because "you're too ambitious", unless you want to.

      One thing that helps me a lot is to "put a white male US mask" and do it!

      I think everyone needs support. I hope you're getting it from IH, but I also participate in other communities because they help me a lot with that. It's good to feel included and empowered. All the best!

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        Great to be able to share. Helpful tips btw!

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