Legal, Tax, and Accounting October 14, 2020

Have you received an NDA to sign with a lame excuse?

Alonso @Alonvaes

Yes! You heard that right. I want to hear your stories about lame excuses from the person on the other side about wanting you to sign an NDA. I want to create a website about excuses you usually find from people that ask you to sign an NDA.

I'll share one situation:

Once I was in the offices of a startup just getting a tour from the founder, and he asked me to sign an NDA because "I could see code from the business".

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    It might be more poignant to ask when people haven’t received a lame excuse to sign an NDA. Wait, then you wouldn’t have much copy for your site! 😉

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      Busted! Haha, do you have any good anecdotes @c0nsilience?

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        This is kind of the reverse of that, but I was bidding on a relational database project, where I would be in contact with proprietary info, and sent the co. a signed NDA - and they about lost their minds! 🤦‍♂️ Lol. So, it was a time when one was actually needed...but they thought it was the craziest idea they had ever heard of. They were strange birds.

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