Have you used localized pricing to increase revenue?

Localized pricing is adjusting the price of your product for countries/regions, usually based on purchasing power.

An example is how Netflix costs $3.28 in Argentina but over $13 in Switzerland. Spotify does something similar.

Has anyone used this approach? Did you see an increase in revenue?

Have you used localized pricing?
  1. Yes, and I saw an increase in revenue
  2. Yes, but I saw no increase in revenue
  3. No, but I would if it was easy to implement
  4. No, I have no interest
  1. 2

    I’ve looked at it. It’s just too difficult and complex to implement for me at the moment.

    Well not difficult. I would know how to do it easily enough. But it’s complex and time consuming to both initially implement and then manage.

    1. 2

      I feel that. Especially since purchasing power and exchange rates are constantly changing.

      Btw, I recognize you from the front page today. Congrats on hitting 1K MRR with Songbox!

    2. 1

      Hi Primer, I'm making it extremely easy to do with Stripe & Exportator!
      If you're still considering setting up localized pricing, let me know!

      1. 2

        I am still considering it Jules. You have a very clever implementation. I always puzzled over how this could be done as Stripe is fairly rigid with how it integrates with your app. Creating discount codes on the fly is genius.

  2. 1

    I've talked with many people having set up localized pricing. They all claim an overall increase in sales 30% higher than without. In some regions word-of-mouth gets traction and sales can grow by 10x. Depends on the fit of what you sell with local markets.

    If you wanna talk about this topic, you can reach out on twitter @julesmaregiano. I'm building https://www.exportator.com and am passionate about this topic!

  3. 1

    Hey! At Haiku we've created a product that lets you implement price localization in a very easy way: https://www.getoptimizer.com/.
    In the blog there's also a good introductory post about that: https://www.getoptimizer.com/blog/price-localization-with-stripe.

    Regardless if you use a product like this or just implement it by hand, price localization is, IMHO, a very powerful strategy.

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