Haven't stumbled across a new product and been excited about it in a long time, until this evening (client proposals tool)

Back in August I posted when I came across the landing page for this company. They hadn't launched yet and it was just a data capture page.

I went back tonight for a nosey and I was delighted to see they've launched.

I had a proposal to submit this evening and was gonna go and do something manual (aka shit). I used this and it's honestly on another level.

Not gonna gush too much but the quality of the build, the design and the finished product (the proposal I sent to my client) are all amazing.

Check it out


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    I've been using Proposify for some time, but it's a bit slow and a little too complicated for my taste. I might take this for a spin to compare.

    1. 2

      Yeah I used proposify and a few others. In my opinion this is in a different league.

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    I might be biased here since I’m the creator 🙊, but you can check out also Incomee (https://incomee.co) 😁 We do have the possibility to quickly create beautiful proposals with eSignatures, etc,... that can be converted to invoces when accepted + we show useful data about how you are going (like acceptance rate, pending amount) all in one.

    Feel free to try it and share feeedback. I'm also happy to send you a promo code 🙂

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    Looks slick! Does it provide any sort of utilities for putting together cost estimates for the proposed scope? Looks like you can offer different packages but curious if it helps you arrive at the cost for each offered package?

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      Na I'm afraid what you charge is up to you. The part which I always find the hardest lol.

      1. 1

        Bummer! Definitely want to give it a try though. Lol, I'm with you. The cost estimates portion of a proposal always give me grief and take way too much time. I developed my own Google Sheet template to automate as much of it as I could. It is actually my first product listed on IH. Let me know if you want to try it out!


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          I'll check it out buddy. Cheers.

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