Having my first hacker news success

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    Been riding high all day.


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      nice! congrats! Indie Hackers are dominating HN these days! :)

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      Boom! Way to go. I saw your post on HN before I saw this one and was checking out the site this morning. Looks really cool!

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    Congratulations, Mick!

    I've been admiring your helpful comments on Indie Hackers for a while now. Glad to hear that SongBox is taking off!

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      Thanks very much for saying that, it’s appreciated.

      Although not sure everyone would describe my comments as helpful lol.

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        I find them really, really helpful. You're one of the 6 people who are so helpful that I actually follow them on IH. :)

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          Well I'm honoured. Thank you.

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    Amazing work! Congrats on success 🙌
    Mick, a question: how did you get initial upvotes? Could you please just briefly outline your thoughts on why this post was a success?

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      This is a good question. I believe it was the openness and transparency of the title.

      People are so used to seeing bullshit posts like "$10k MRR 5 minutes after I launched!!!" that I think the realness of mine caught folks attention. My situation of getting to a modest amount of MRR after a lengthy period of time is probably much more relatable to people.

      All I did was post and leave. I didn't share the link anywhere at all.

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    Good for you man. I've seen you work on this for a long time. Nowhere to go but up.

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    Awesome, you will always remember the first time :)

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    This is awesome Mick! Both HN and your SongBox journey.

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    this is awesome. Lots of feedback. Congrats!

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    Congrats Mick, well deserved. Would love to know what sort of traffic resulted from your position on HN!

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    Wow, just impressive. I would love to hear more insights in terms of traffic etc.

    1. 2

      I'll do a full rundown probably tomorrow when it all falls away.

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    Congratulations on the amazing success! 🎉 🎉 Some great feedback in the comments too!

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    Tough audience in HN : ) Well done!

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    Good for you Mick! Looks like they appreciated your honesty and your determination.

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      I'm honestly blown away. Can't believe it.

      Hardly any asshole comments either.

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