Heads Up! Blockchain Opportunity While Markets Slide.

Cryptocurrencies are taking a beating. A lot of people are either selling or sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens. While everyone sits and waits there is something you can do to take advantage of this moment.

Gas prices on Ethereum, which were up to as high as nearly $100, are now down to just over $2. This means that if you ever plan on minting NFTs there is no better time than now.

Because of the lack of activity we are no longer seeing the long wait times for transactions and minting fees are really low. If you still believe in blockchain, and thousands of great minds are working on it with billions of dollars being invested, then this is a great window of opportunity.

My recommendation? Mint a collection of NFTs now while the cost is negligible. Then when everything gets hot again (and I truly believe it will) you will be ready to make a killing.

Good luck everyone!

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