HealthTech Investors List: 450+ VCs that invest in healthcare tech.

Hi everyone,

Introducing a list of 450+ VCs that made investments in:

❤️ Healthtech
🍀 Biotech
🧠 Neurotech

A lot of founders that I speak to are currently going through fundraising. I understand how hard this process can be, so I decided to create and share this website to make finding investors easier.

Remote healthcare becomes more and more popular these days.
Rapid advancements in Neuro & Bio tech are a global call for entrepreneurs and innovators to face the present day challenges and drive the progress forward.

You can use this website if you are currently looking for an investment or if you are curious about companies that invest in healthcare.

Also if you are interested in building your own startup check out the useful resources section. The list is completely free and my hope is that it'll be useful for you. ✔️

Would love to hear your feedback

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