Hello from Tokyo

Hi indie hackers,

I'm Ryoichi Fujita from Tokyo, Japan. Ex-Finance at tech giants and startups, now building a bootstrapped SaaS while working on consulting projects to cover living expenses. I'm new here and wish I could have found this kinda community sooner. Huge thanks to @DavisBaer as found it through his tweet.

As one idea, I'm thinking of creating the simplest cloud-based script scheduler as deploying local script to the cloud today is so hassle even with AWS lambda or Google Cloud Scheduler.

Would like to partner with a python engineer who feels the same way.

Looking forward to chatting more.

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    Welcome! I'm new here too, around 6-7 months. Wish I knew this community 2-3 years ago.

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    Welcome and wish you luck with this idea.
    (I am .NET/Azure/Xamarin developer from Ukraine with 15 years of experience in software development. Familiar with Python)

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      Hi Denis,
      Good to see you and thank you for your message!

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    Hi I am a python developer and would love to hear more about this idea.

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      Thank you for your kind message, Sagun.
      I'll reach you via Twitter and let's discuss there.

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    Would like to understand more about the cloud-based script scheduler idea and collaborate. Please feel free to reach out via email / twitter on my profile.

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      Hi Madhur, I'll reach you on Twitter!

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    Greetings Ryoichi ^^
    I haven't been a member here for long either. However, I've already read a lot of information from entrepreneurs in this community that has proven useful in setting up my business/ product

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