Hello 👋 , I’m new 🙂

Hey everyone 👋,

Very introverted person, I don’t want to be the opposite but I do my best to learn by acting and contributing instead of watching. This is why I’m here.

This is my first time on a community/forum and I’m glad I stepped on Indie Hacker, very good community with active people.

So to introduce myself, I’m new on IH, my name is IB, I’m native French and I’ve 9 year experience on digital marketing. While having a day job and I’m from 3 week to launch a side project /product (team and workflow management tool). 💪🏾

I’ll be happy to help anyone on IH who need it for a product feedback, digital marketing advice or anything else as far as possible. 🙏

Here is my introduction. And good luck to all Indie Hackers. 🤞

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    Welcome dude! I'm looking for digital marketing advice on my app startacake.com. NPS is great, marketing efforts are in progress, to say the least :). Happy to help with anything I can on your projects too.

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      I’ll be happy to help @Miggs. I just followed you on twitter. Dm there 🙂 @ibsyllaa13

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    Hey IB, welcome!

    Can't wait to see what you're building.

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    Welcome IB! 👋

    I have some French speakers in my family so I know a bit myself 😄

    Bonjour! GIF

    Hope you feel welcome here. It’s a great place to find the motivation and people who have the same interests as you. We’re all here to help you achieve your goals!

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    Hey, welcome to the club!

    IH coupled with Twitter are something very powerful!

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      Good to know. I saw great stories about IN and twitter.

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    Welcome :) Looking forward to your project launch.

    Best of luck!

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      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thanks

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    Welcome Ibrahima!!

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    Welcome, you'll like Indie Hackers.

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    Hey and welcome to the party! 🍻 And good luck with your side project.

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