Hello! Long-time lurker, just launched product!

Hey all!

EDIT: Okay, got it up!

Long-time lurker here, wanted to say hi. Just launched mmm.page (and trying to share the learnings here but I can't seem to make a post...)

Figure I'd make an intro post to see if that helps me make the other post.

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    Just checked you out on producthunt - I like your product, super simple. Congrats on the launch!

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    The Proposition is awesome! I felt like I was a part of a revolution after seeing your launch. Kudos to you

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    Wow. I love your copy. It's super clear what you are working on.

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      thank you! glad to hear it resonates :)

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    Interesting, I can see a lot of digital artists liking this style to make their portfolios more unique to their style. Congratulations!

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    Thats very well done. congratulations... I think personal pages are blowing up and your timing is probably great. My gut feel after a quick look is that any integrations with social would be an area to explore (If it's there already sorry I missed it). I would also suggest if it's possible - where it says click the pencil to drag things around on the page that you say "down in the lower right-hand corner" or make the copy of the pencil icon be the active one. I small UI issue, your pencil icon on the page that refers to the live pencil icon that enables editing should also have the same background color if it isn't the live one so mentally I am looking for a visual exact match but better is if there is a way to make only one of them and have it be the one in the middle of the page like "click this pencil here to move stuff around". See if you can track usage of the feature because it immediately makes people want to play with this thing and anyone who fails to go from the white background pencil to the green one misses the chance to play with it as a % of all visitors. Your conversion rate will thank you.

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      isn't drastically different -- but made a minor copy edit. will do a finer-tuned refresh of the homepage when i clear a few things off my plate! thanks for this note.

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      ah yes -- very good idea. let me make that update.

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        one more thing - I liked what I saw but I immediately liked it ten times more when I played with it and could drag things around - I was literally using your product on your main web page - that's insanely powerful, I clicked a pencil and went from "what is this" to "I am using this" that is without a doubt your secret sauce for sales. The pitch flow I would test against is like: "here's what you can build in a very unstructured simple way, even this page is made with the tool, try the tool and play with this page, having fun? Okay, go ahead start making your own for fun by clicking here. " It's oddly more like making an art project that comes with a web address using a graphics program than a rigid webpage or website builder, making that clear is whats going to drive sign-ups.

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          this is solid insight -- we should chat over DMs

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    I Love it. I immediately thought of the American graphic designer David Carson - it has that spirit of inviting experimentation and expression without adhering to grids and rules.

    I can see some people might be tempted to relive the early myspace days with this!

    Will you be sharing a list of websites using mmm.page either here or on the site?

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      absolutely -- a few notes --

      1. whenever i see a page that catches my eye, i share it on twitter (@xhfloz). a few links--
      1. a list of people with mmm.page links in their profile --

      2. im working on the gallery feature right now, and hoping to launch that asap

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    I saw your launch on HN, pretty cool landing page! I remember seeing a positive reaction for being able to directly edit your own landing page.

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      thank you! was very glad that got such good reception as well

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    Pretty cool stuff! Would love to read more about your process.

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      thank you! and yes -- I think once I hit 10 votes, I can share some of my "learnings" :)

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    saw your product on HN! really neat! Congrats!

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    Welcome aboard! I love what you're doing with "messy encouraged" on mmm.page; I guess it's a soft spot for those days of the web. (I'm also betting on people getting tired of spreadsheet-like constraint & conformity allowed by fb, but who knows..) Good luck!

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      thank you (& yes -- i was getting tired of it myself...)

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    Congrats on your launch and I saw your launch on ProductHunt and HackerNews, congrats on your successful launch on both platforms.

    Keep on building. All the very best.

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    Congratuations on the launch. I'm a lurker here. I'm still looking for the saas idea to very first MVP. I love your idea and product, it's dead simple idea 👉 keep moving forward bro.

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    Hey all! Just posted a compilation of pages -- https://mmm.page/xh.inspiring

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