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I am Md Salehin Khan from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am new to the community. Currently Working as a remote system admin at a Canadian Company. At Jan 2020 I have incorporated My company Called Inoryum Ltd in UK. Now working on some projects to kick-start my startup. Wish me luck.


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    Hello :) I have a question (or two): How did you incorporate your company in UK and why in UK and not in USA?

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      Incorporating in UK is very easy from anywhere in the world. via companies Houses Website. Or you can choose a formation agent. with formation agents it become more easy. I used https://www.1stformations.co.uk/.
      Now regarding to why i chose UK over USA.. Its because the US Company laws & fees are different on different states. & I was confused with those.. & UK all is same on entire UK. There were lot of Issues to check on.

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    Welcome to Indie Hackers! The best community by far. Good luck with your projects!

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