HELP-- building a c2 server for my malware

hello everyone!!!, much respect ... i am building a c2 server for a malware that i am working on you can check it on github:: https://github.com/alexa872/EVA-fully-undetectable
the problem is, till now i am using meterpreter shellcode as my payload, but fk this shit, i want to build a c2 server the client must be as a shellcode, to encrypt/decrypt and inject, everything in the malware till now is costume, i build it, and i want to keep it that way, i could just download and modify a c2 server from anywhere from the internet and continue, but i don't want that,
so if anyone got some time, please take a look at the github link, and mail me at the e mail that is on github, i really appreciate you giving me some time, thank you ❤👍

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    @csallen @rosiesherry and others here, am I the only one who is bothered that wannabe criminal mastermind is asking how to code his malware command & control server? I understand free speech and all, but this is not hackerforums dot net

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