Help? did I miss out on an opportunity to get a technical co founder

I quit my job at the beginning of covid because I believe I have a great idea with a large market fit. For the last several months I have had a dev team building my app and website for me and it has cost a lot of money. Just about all I have. Now that its ready for handoff I am screwed. IDK how to code I just do the business stuff and I didn't get a technical co-founder early . I don't really have the money to pay someone so now I have to basically hope to find. someone who believes in this company enough to take equity only given that I have already spent most of the money on development. I know I kind of screwed up, but anyone have any advice on where I can find someone for this situation and how to describe it to them appropriately???

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    Focus on your elevator pitch. If it is compelling then you have a better chance. The key is whether you can get people to truly believe in your vision.

    In tough times I've found great developers that were still testers. My trick? Find an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) who supports a technical product. Two of my best engineers were SDETs for a PROM Burner toolkit. As testers they knew the product inside and out. And guess what? That was the exact product I was using!

    Best of luck! Don't get discouraged. Entrepreneurs eat problems for breakfast.

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    if you need technical advise, send me a message (contacts in my profile)

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    what's the actual obstacle to hand off that you are encountering?

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      No obstacle In the actual handoff, the obstacle here is that I don't have anyone technical to do work on the application after the handoff since I am not versed in code

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    Hello @Sportsbettor420, I have an idea for you. Let's connect. Thank you.

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      sounds great Itech. How can I contact you

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