Help. I’m not an adult. I’m 13 years old. I’ve been lying for 2 years.

Sorry for the clickbaity title but I have a little situation going in right now.

I setup this temporary account to ask a question to the community anonymously.

Right now my real IH account has hundreds of followers and a decent amount of impressions on my posts.

I am a 13 year old developer and I don’t know if I should show my real face online. I have a LinkedIn, Indiehackers, and Twitter account.

Would this be bad to do? All I have is my first name, my job title and (soon to be) profile picture. Would this be bad for a minor to expose on the internet?

Thanks for your help.

  1. 6

    Stay anonymous for Now,

  2. 4

    Maybe good idea if you talk to bereket

  3. 3

    Just 2 years? There are people who have been lying for twice your age. Stay anonymous kid, talk to your parents before doing anything that may reveal your identity. Keep hacking and preferably dont bring up your age, it adds nothing.

  4. 1

    There probably isn't going to be too much benefit from doing a face reveal/revealing your age so its probably like fine to not do that. You could alternatively just say your a teenager and not specify the actual age if for any reason you want some transparency, but honestly a face reveal at all seems unnecessary regardless of whether you want to reveal your age or not.

    Those are just my thoughts though, be sure to talk with your parents/guardians on this matter.

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