No-Code November 27, 2020

Help? I'm so new to this I don't even know if it's possible...

Daren Smith @daren

Hey there! Thanks for your time and attention.

We built an "app" (cough a spreadsheet cough) that is a software tool to help creatives, freelancers, small business owners, etc keep track of their businesses. Essentially a minimum effective dose business intelligence app.

We started building an app version using bubble, but don't even know how to ask the question or search for answers on how to convert a spreadsheet with multiple tabs and formulas and conditional formatting that works between those tabs and convert it into an app.

If you're reading this and thinking "dude, it's easy", then please speak up and let me know how we can get on a call and chat. Happy to pay for your time and expertise.


(here's the current version of the app if you're curious:

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    A little late to the party here but I would check out Stacker (

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      That's awesome. Thank you!

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    I'd definitely check out Glide since you built the app in a spreadsheet

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      Thanks - they were the first one I checked out, but our spreadsheet is way beyond what they are doing. Not to bash them, but they're using very straightforward simple spreadsheets as the basis for their apps

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    Hi Darren,

    You could try using to build a v1 app as they run off Google sheets in the background.

    In terms of building it in Bubble - it's totally possible but will be quite a big job for sure.

    One person I've recommended before and had good feedback on is Rob Roberts

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      Had to come back and say thank you. I dm’d Rob, and 30 mins later was on a call. He set me straight and wouldn’t even let me compensate him for the call. Class act and super helpful.

      Thanks again for that recommendation!

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        Ah great! I've never even interacted with Rob but I've sent people to him and they always come back with glowing reports. He's clearly a legend.

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      that's awesome, I'll check it out

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    Daren, focusing on your outcomes (minimum effective dose business intelligence app) - i wouldn't want to build a spreadsheet clone where end user can do formulas and conditional formatting - that stuff is still complicated a bit. an app would want to break it down and make it simple.
    multiple tabs and conditional formatting i can think of (and think of a direction to build that in Wappler - low code web app builder).
    for formulas, will have to understand a bit more on how you expect end users to interact and configure it.
    happy to discuss further on this.

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      I'd love to show you what we're building and see what you think. My email is [email protected] - would love to connect. Thank you!

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