April 5, 2019

Help me improve my English as I help you improve as a programmer.

Hello everyone, my name is André I'm a Full-stack developer ( HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & Node ) who have a CS degree and currently work as a backend developer mainly using Node.js ( Nestjs and TypeScript).

I currently looking for some ways to improve my spoken English and it occurs to me that there is a lot of people who really want to learn how to code, so I looking for someone who is a beginner programmer and native English speaker who wants to get together to talk via Skype on a weekly bases.

My idea is we get together during the weekends and chat about programming, you can show me your code or I can show you how to make stuff whatever we like for 1 - 2 hours.

This way I can practice my English and you can improve as a coder or learn to code depending on your level.
Obviously, if you are a advanced programmer, I'm may not be able to help you.

Is anyone interest in such a thing?