Product Development July 15, 2020

Help me out by roasting my onboarding

Mick @Primer

I recently posted This Post where I asked about good onboarding tools.

I went with Help Hero. The tool is very powerful and somewhat affordable to a product that makes very little money such as mine.

I've created an onboarding "tour" and I'd love you to roast it. Here's the caveat

  1. You need to create an account (you can use a fake email address)
  2. You need to have a small MP3 file on your machine to upload Small MP3 File

I have a hypothesis that I will reveal after (if) I get anyone commenting here with feedback. but I don't want to affect anyones opinion before they've even looked.

If you're willing to help, head to SongBox and click "get started".


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    Hey Mick,

    I skipped straight to your onboarding without reading anything about SongBox. After the onboarding process, I completely understood the offering, so I think that's a really good sign.

    Here's what I thought during the process:

    1. I think the popup "Ok, let's create your first SongBox." should be first because it had an explanation of what a "SongBox" was.
    2. I didn't name the song, which gave me an error and I think stopped the onboarding prompts.
    3. I would shorten some of the text to make it more concise. I do like adding character to copy, but in some instances, it's better to cut to the chase.

    Happy to answer any other questions.

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      Thanks so much for taking the time. I’ll need to dig in to that error as it shouldn’t matter what the name of the track is. Don’t suppose you grabbed the error message? Lol

      Thanks so much again for taking the time SongBox providing them insights.

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        The error was something like "You need to give your SongBox a name" and then the onboarding prompts stopped. I went to try it again to get the error message for you, but I see you changed the onboarding. I think it's much better now!

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          ok great! I'm glad you like the streamlined onboarding. The other one was just too long. Even the founder of HelpHero confirmed that for me.

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    @Primer - I did the onboarding process. Overall it's pretty straight forward.

    I took some screenshots (7 of them) through the process. I put notes on each of them on areas where things weren't as clear as they could be, plus I see some opportunities to improve & simplify the copy.

    You can download them here (I think Dropbox puts them all in a zip):

    Separately, I think using some session recording software would help out, so you can see what users are actually doing, and what problems they're running into.

    I've used SmartLook in the past, which worked pretty good. Though, there are others that do the same thing.

    Hope the information & suggestions help!

    You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about my suggestions.

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      Hi Mike this is great stuff. You know what I love, and completely embrace?

      I love how that no matter how much experience you have and how much you think you have covered your bases and nailed every angle, fresh eyes always - ALWAYS - bring to light super obvious, no brainer improvements.

      In areas outside SongBox I work with co-founders or colleagues who are a little bit old school and tend shy away from getting outside opinions but to me they are just so valuable. Going to make changes now based on almost every screenshot you supplied. Thanks 🤘

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        Hey Mick, so glad you found the feedback and suggestions helpful.

        It's happened to me too, many times. Sometimes I look at something for so long, I overlook stuff that others find right away.

        As you well know even small UX/Usability improvements can make a huge difference in user satisfaction, sign-ups, conversions, etc.


        1. Had an issue replying to your "hello" email address, which I've forwarded to you separately
        2. I forwarded some suggestions on slight copy changes to your account activation/email verification email.

        Us Product guys gotta stick together 🤘

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          Mike I don't think I ever got any email from you 🤷‍♂️

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            @Primer - strange. I will try to send it again, but if you don't receive something from me in the next few minutes, feel free to email me at [email protected] :)

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    Hey Mick,

    I gave it a try for you. I think you have done a very good job with onboarding to be honest. As there are quite a few steps involved, I may have lost my way without it.

    I did discover a bug however. An exception is thrown if you don't check the mp3 checkbox and then click "continue with selected tracks". I would recommend turning APP_DEBUG to false in your .env.

    Hope this helps!

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      Awrsone. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I appreciate it.

      I actually like app_debug to be true so that if anyone has any problems they can either screengrab the issue or copy and paste the stack trace.

      I’ll sort out that bug this evening. Thanks again.

      One more question. My alternative would be to have much fewer steps and just have like

      “This button is where you hit to add tracks”
      “Hit this button to create a new SongBox”

      Etc etc. Rather than a step by step granular breakdown of each flow. What do you think?

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        I think you will never please everybody, but with your product I would go with more steps and give the user the option to bail out if they want to

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      One other thing (but maybe through your choice), I was able to use the app before verifying my email

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        Yeah this is by choice but I’m in two minds about wether to enforce it or not. I posted a thread on here about it last week and the results From people’s opinions were ambiguous.

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    On mine, your website is not accessible., it says server not found.

    Maybe it's domain propagations?