Help me with Monetization

I'm Moyo i run NFT Hunt: Product Hunt for NFTs

I need help with Monetization
On one hand i could go the "VC Route" : Grow, grow, grow don't worry about revenue just grow

I can't cause i don't have a day job, Live with My parents so i realistically can't go with that.

So i have the other option MONETIZE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE and I'm going for that.

It costs $30/month to run NFT Hunt honestly could cost more if i want to grow EXTREMELY FAST but right now i just want to nail retention and have CORE user base.

So how do i monetize?
Have one AD bar that generates nothing and user complain about the presence of an AD
Don't want to charge users cause most are already working crazy hours and double jobs

Could charge platforms which i've done once but how do you suggest i get a more stable income?

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    Are you currently charging commission on sale?

    1. 1

      No, I actually just figured it out,
      One word TOKENs.


      1. 1

        Nice work, can you elaborate how you'll use Tokens to monetise?

        1. 1

          Realized i'm already in the crypto community with NFTs so i just created tokens for the platform, A user just bought :)

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    Have you thought about DeFi Smart Contracts? I have leads if interested.

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    Can you charge people for submitting their NFTs?

    1. 1

      Thought about that BUT Don't want to charge users cause most are already working crazy hours and double jobs and already platforms are already taking cuts from each sale

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