Help - Membership/User Accounts for MicroSaaS

Hey Everyone. I just bought a small one trick pony SaaS on MicroAcquire. The site needs a lot of work.

Is there a way I can use Softr/Dorik/ or something similar to create a subscription/user account which then gives the user access to the actual software?

I'm thinking: Create a site on Softr/Dorik. Then create a subdomain, something like app.mysite.com since what they pay for is all done on one page currently. Question - how do I create a paywall for this? If it is as simple as app.mysite.com couldn't anyone just type that link and access it?

What else can I do that's a simple no code solution? I want nocode because I can get emails and make changes so much quicker while testing.

Any suggestions are much appreciate. Thank you all so much!

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    Webflow plus Outseta or Memberstack seem like good options to consider. 👍

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    https://saasify.sh/ is in closed beta but it might be worth checking out.

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    You should check out Outseta

    They let you easily manage accounts and subscriptions and protect content via Javascript

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    I think softr has memberships to protect content on their $79 plan.

    Feel free to DM your use case in more detail https://twitter.com/volkandkaya and i will see what are the best no/low-code tool for you.

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      I bought the three site plan when they first launched. I like softr. I don't think or see why their login would protect a subdomain. I don't know how to get both on one domain but I'm not technical. I'll shoot you a dm. Appreciate the response!

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