Help! Need to start with React

How should I start with it and what are the requirements and
I only want to be specific to the front-end, so should I learn node js

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    Read this article I wrote which explains the Javascript concepts that you need to learn before your start learning React.


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    Have you tried to read their tutorial? It's really worth your time: https://reactjs.org/tutorial/tutorial.html

    Also docs has all the answers to your questions: https://reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html

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    Maybe check out Colt Steele's React course. Hes a pretty good teacher

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    I suggest you to start learning React with Hooks and functional components from the begining.

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    My recommendation would be to start with Create React App. It's the recommended starter's resource by Facebook and you get a working React app straight away.

    Once you've set up your React app with Create React App, I recommend taking baby steps through React's documentation. They start very gently. Learn what these things are: JSX, component, props and state.

    If you have a specific goal in mind (i.e. why you're learning React), might be able to point you to other resources. I hope this helps.

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      I don't want to get into app development and
      I want to make websites

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        "App" in this case refers to "web application" - which, admittedly, is not very intuitive when you're getting started.

        "React Native" is the version of React used for ios/android apps

        You'll get used to all the terminology as you go! 😊

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    start with this tutorial https://egghead.io/courses/the-beginner-s-guide-to-react
    if you need any help, say don't understand any concept ping me
    i have over 3 years experience in react/redux

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      Thank You! will check this out

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    What's your current understanding of javascript?


    • can you describe what the DOM is
    • do you know how or when not to use arrow functions?
    • have you ever used the class keyword in javascript?
    • do you know any other programming languages?
    • do you know what async programming is?
    • do you know why react/vue/ are more useful [in some cases] than vanilla js?
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    Start with plain HTML, CSS, try to create a plain UI for whatever you like first. Then go to https://reactjs.org/tutorial/tutorial.html, they have a pretty good getting started guide.

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    You should try Nextjs. It is a react framework.

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    node js is backend, so you don't have to for front-end... it would make you a "full stack" 😅

    Maybe look at a react component library, find something that triggers you, rebuild a better one or the same one... that would be a nice start, if you can make components others would like your probably above average and you got something to show off...

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