Help October 19, 2020

help spreading the word on our upcoming PH campaign

Andreea Bunica @thepandrea

Could really use some loving/ feedback / sharing on my startups' upcoming PH campaign. Any comments on how to improve it, or just general impressions would be much much appreciated. Leaving the link here:

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    It is not super clear what you do. I want 1 sentence that makes it super clear.

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      I'll be a little cheeky and send you the website instead: . Does it make it any easier to understand what it's about? (I'll update the website in the next week, any feedback until then would help a lot)

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        not super clear.

        "mean-bean is a AR pocket projector that... "?

        What benefit is it?

        Seems cool, just not clear to me yet.

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          okay, valid point. the device is for entertainment/ quizzies/ board games at first, and we'll later on extend to education and more complex things.

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            great! Put that in the tagline.

            "mean-bean is a AR pocket projector for entertainment/ quizzies/ board games"

            Does it just display a screen or does it take input as well?

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              so the first version is a phone add-on in fact. you plug it in via USB and it uses your phone's OS and camera and then projects it on whatever surface you choose, and you control it via hand gestures/ voice commands. easier like this, so the community can build custom AR apps for it as well!

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                Making progress!

                "mean-bean is a AR pocket projector for entertainment/ quizzies/ board games. Connects to your phone and control it via hand gestures/ voice commands."

                That is your tagline. Put that everywhere.

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                  haha! thanks josh for working through this with me! I'll update the website with some product visuals too soon soon to make it all more straightforward.

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