Helping indie hackers advance their projects

I am certain that what we're building will help fellow indie hackers that may need advice in a specific area. We all know that our networks are limited. We've already experienced that one time we had a specific problem/needed a specific advice and didn't know anyone that could help us.

That's why we're building getwiser.net - a global network of experts providing 1-1 online sessions over video call to users seeking advice.

We are in BETA, meaning our experts committed to a pro bono, book sessions and make the most out of their time and let me know how it goes! We need feedback to improve the platform!


After struggling a lot to find a mentor to guide me, and the fact that most of the times I had a few problems and no one to talk to or advise me, I decided that I had to do something.

As I was looking to find mentors to connect with, I noticed as a consequence of the pandemic, that we are witnessing a boost in the shift from the gig economy to the knowledge economy.

You can find a great explanation about it here: https://www.nfx.com/post/labor-marketplaces/

And the journey began!

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