Helping startups with brand strategy for free

Hi there, new here!

For the past 5 years I have been a brand strategist and head of brand at different high-tech startups. Now I am writing a book about my methodology (Desire theory: How to create unique brands) and looking to help startups for free to gather cases and research.

I am a specific-generic person, which means, all everything brand strategy. From the brand identity and narrative, to communication and asset creation and brand evangelism.

If you are a startup or a founder that want to create a remarkable company just reach and I will love to see how I can help.


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    Hi, I would like to talk. What is the best way to reach you. My site http://clientlist.co/

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    Hey Isabela, would love to talk about https://queuey.dev, you can reach out at [email protected]

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    We can use some help too:-)

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    That’s really nice! I’m working on an app for a small niche, it’s my first project ever and I would love to learn this!
    You are probably already occupied but still, you can email me on [email protected]

    Here is my insta @debinnenvaartapp (that’s the project)

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      Hi, I can’t find your IG and the website doesn’t open... do you have another link?

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        Hi! Weird that it doesn’t show up In the results for you! Thanks for checking out tho! I also have a website, but I haven’t really put any work in that yet tho. (https://debinnenvaartapp.nl/)

        My Instagram page is my brand at the moment. But I just remembered that my language on both the website and insta is in Dutch and not English. I don’t want to waste your time with translating stuff haha.

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    I'd love to chat if you're still open @Isabela! We have a big upcoming launch so your feedback will be put to good use :)


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    Hey, this is A W E S O M E! I think we could use some help here at Feedgrip

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      I email the hello direction but the email rejected the direction. Do you have another email?

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        Hey Isabela, thanks a lot for letting me know and sorry for the inconvenience! I just followed you on Twitter, let's talk there!

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    Hey! This is great!
    I´m building my first startup and would love if you could give me any feedback on what I am doing regarding brand and "storytelling"... this is my landing page just in case you feel there is something i could improve: saill.launchaco.com
    Thanks in advance, Nacho

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    Hi, I'm interested! Here is my email: [email protected]

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    Hi there @Isabela this sounds so awesome and like the universe heard our prayers :)
    My cofounders and I have just began the research to prepare for the brand design and strategy for two different ventures that both are focussing on making a positive impact on the world by using innovating technology to A. help eliminate burn-syndrome and give people the chance to take back control over their psychological health at the workplace and B. help micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses to easily access expert consulting via app and learn how to implement sustainable business practises at scale in order to reach the SDGs.

    We have a great team and could do lots of research and also help with conceptual work together with you if you decide to help us for your book, what we are lacking entirely is design & art direction skills at the moment, just for full disclosure.

    Would really love to hear from you
    All the best and happy new year

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      Hi sounds great, can you let me your email or tw?

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    Hi Isabela,

    Interested in discussing this in more detail with you.

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    I’m new and I thought this will have a DM feature. I’ll send you an email through your web contact form.


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      you can send me a Twitter message if it works for you @Isabela

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    Hi @Isabela would love to have a chat!

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