May 22, 2020

Here is a Twitter list of founders whose companies have reached $10,000 MRR or higher

Davis Baer @DavisBaer

I created a list of founders whose companies have $10,000 MRR or higher:

This list is far from comprehensive, and I most assuredly have forgotten many founders.

If you or someone you know should be on the list, just let me know and I will add them.

I created this list so people have an easy way of following founders at various stages who are successfully growing their companies.

The list was manually curated using Indie Hackers and Baremetrics Open Startups as a filtering tool.

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    Awesome, just followed everyone on the list!

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    Thanks for sharing

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    This is AWESOME. Thank you so much for putting it together. Bravo!

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      Glad it's useful! Took me a decent amount of time 😊

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    This is super @DavisBaer. Thanks very much for sharing my man!

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      Welcome 😊

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    How do you view the list? I subscribed but only see a bunch of tweets below yours and no list. Forgive my ignorance. I'm new to Twitter.

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      Click "Members" and you will see all the people on the list 😊

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    Nice! Thanks for adding :)

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      Hope it's helpful 🤓

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    I was going to have to go assemble this and then here it is! Thank you so much!

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      Haha well feel free to let me know of anyone I missed and I will add them!

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    Awesome, thanks!

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      Hope it is helpful 😁

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    Great list, and thanks so much for sharing, @DavisBaer! Can you add me? I don't believe it sharing revenue numbers (happy to explain the risks - both low and high), but we're well above 10K with RiteKit.


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    Thanks for sharing !

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    Awesome, Thanks for sharing

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    Do you use the IG Private API?

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    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing @DavisBaer

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    Nice recommendation

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