Here's a Neat Little Landing page with Interactive White Labeling to Convince Potential Buyers

Hello IH!

I just launched the landing page for my new SaaS, called Podopi.

In short, it's an app that runs a Podcast on your behalf.

A pretty sweet thing about this landing page is that potential customers can get a feel for the product within seconds of entering their website address. We'll generate a podcast demo of their most recent blog posts, including audio, cover art, logo and more. Once they've entered their website, several parts of the landing page changes to better represent their brand.

I recorded a demo of how it works here: https://www.loom.com/share/f21a6ba574fd42488ef210796b700cd4

You can try yourself at https://www.podopi.com

Have you seen this kind of interactive "white-labeling" in landing pages before? Thoughts?

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    It doesn't work on my website, what website should I use?

    1. 1

      Does your website have a RSS-feed? Most blog platforms generate one for you. If your domain is example.com, but your blog is on blog.example.com, use the latter.

      You can try with https://theverge.com, https://lifehacker.com or https://techcrunch.com

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