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Here's How I Filter And Read Only The Content That I Love! 📚

Recently I came across a tool on the Microsoft store called Newsflow. It's a content feed app that helps you add RSS sources of your favorite website to stay updated with the latest content they keep putting out.


Prior to this, I was using Feedly but it was a paid tool and I felt it had way too many features. Newsflow on the other hand is very minimal, gets installed directly on my laptop and felt easier to use, so I switched.

If you want to get started and experiment with this idea, here are some of the useful website sources that I have setup inside my Newsflow app -

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Wired Magazine
  3. Inc
  4. Foundr
  5. BAMF Media
  6. Growth Hackers
  7. Square2marketing
  8. Hackisition
  9. Copyblogger
  10. Contently

I have a long list of more resources that I have setup, but it's difficult to put them into one IH post. If you want to know more of these sources, just post it in the comments and I'll make a separate blog post to share them all :)

Do give this RSS feed method a try guys. Replace checking the social media feed with this activity, that's how I got started.

Siddhita ❤️

P.S If you are looking to boost your productivity, try using my productivity tool Brutask and yes, it's truly free to use!

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