Self Development July 10, 2020

Here's what happens when you accidentally get hunted on Product Hunt 😬😬😬

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    Congrats Alexandra!

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    Congrats! I think... 😅
    How did it go? Can you share any results?

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      It went well! After being added as a maker (took some time because I had to contact the PH team, since the hunter was unresponsive), I took over the page and got 188 upvotes in the end.

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    I’ve been wondering if there’s any way to prevent someone from hunting your product on PH before it’s ready. Sounds like you handled it well!

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      Thanks! Yeah I wonder about that too, I think the only way is to schedule a launch, but according to this page it seems like you can only use that feature if you're a Pro or Super Pro maker:

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    It happens. Like you said 2.0 is always possible! Congrats on developing your new product :)

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      Thanks! Hope yours is going well :)

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    Happened to me as well, with