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Hey developers, do you use CSS? I'm looking for some feedback on my web app

Hi guys. I've made my first full stack web application, called UltraCSS. It allows you to design graphics and mockups quickly and easily using CSS. Whenever I wanted to design something, I always wished I could get the exact padding and margins, exact alignment, etc. I found design software like Illustrator and Figma to be tricky to navigate and hard to get the alignment I wanted. I could make a design with CSS but always found writing the HTML to be extremely cumbersome and slow. I made a solution for myself and I'd like to share it with everyone here.


Try it out and let me know what you think. Do you find it useful? Any feedback is very useful to me. Thanks!

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    Hey, I'm a front end dev, I think it can be useful for those devs who are starting in css or maybe use it as some sort of framework for a project, like style-conponents or something like this

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