September 25, 2020

Hey everybody


Just saying hello and trolling for investments

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    I noticed your posts on micro-schools.

    Any progress with any of that?

    Curiousity from an unschooling mother of 5. 😇

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      I was homeschooled until I was 14. As a recipient, I can't recommend it enough. I don't think you need a ton of structure, but I'd say there are benefits to not going entirely "unschooled." Self-directed learning is awesome, but it's also nice to have someone point the way back to the path when you get lost.

      There are also things that kids don't even know to ask about! If you expose children to a wide variety of subjects and ideas they will naturally gravitate toward their interests. That initial prompt is important though!

      I hope this didn't come off as me telling you how to educate your kids, haha. I just get excited when I hear people are doing this and want to share my experience. I think it's wonderful to homeschool if you're able to. Good job!

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        I think that's the misunderstanding of what unschooling is...or everyone has their own definition which is fine.

        Lots of people seem to think it's just letting the kids decide on their own.

        For me, we have rules. We just get to choose them, and importantly the kids get to choose too and have the choice to say no. We're constantly looking for things that would interest them and align with who they are. In a way that no other person in their world could do.

        We encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone, but don't force things. We don't compare them to the level of other kids. And look at them as individuals.

        We let go of the assumptions that society think are good (because many are not and people can't see it until they take a step back).

        And most importantly we focus in our best on trying to be a strong family unity.

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          What a wonderful approach! My experience was definitely something closer to "unschooling" as well — it certainly has a different meaning for everyone. Whatever name you want to use, it sounds like you're doing it with a ton of intention and a fantastic philosophy. Lucky kids!! :)

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      We found a teacher who wasn't currently working and it's been going well so far... lots of work to do, but I'm more convinced than ever that microschools, where 4-10 families hire a teacher, are a viable alternative to existing school options.

      In fact, it's cheaper to do microschools than public schools since you are getting rid of a massive amount of overhead (think space, administrators, etc).

      The only folks who seem to object to the idea are teachers unions... so, go figure!

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      Did I ever tell you I'm unschooling my 2 kids as well?

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        No? Or maybe. My mind is mush.

        I need to start an unschooling community!

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          I will join that community ❤️ I'm a noob.

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    And now we need a verified checkmark on IH..

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    Jason is a published author, multi-time successful entrepreneur, and prolific investor with quite the portfolio.

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      my Wikipedia page is 47% correct---a new highwater mark!

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    @jasoncalacanis there’s a wave of startups in Africa emerging. Primed for your aggressive super early stage investment model. YC and pioneer have made more investments in emerging markets this year than the last couple of years combined. It’s time for LAUNCH in Africa. Let’s chat about hotspots and high growth markets here.

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      We are open to investing in any English-language startups at this time... and we've done a number of investments in Canada and Australia. So, if you have any that hit 2-25k a month in revenue, that's the perfect time to have them apply at

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    But.. you don't have the @jason handle??

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      not yet... but let's see if @jason is open to a "consulting arrangement" :-)

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    trolling for investments

    DM me for bank wire info.

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    Your podcasts are really helpful!!! Thank you so much!!

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      ^^ Solid product worth checking out

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      so like Canva but for videos?

      what's traction like?

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    Woah the real Jason Calacanis?

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      yes, I am Jason's real Bot.

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    Hi! I follow you on twitter. I actually even started an argument on one of your posts about schooling at home. Seems people got heated about the idea of allowing opting-out of public education ¯\(ツ)

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    I think its funny that you are here Jason, I tried to talk with you on office hours but never got the chance.

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    Man ! Say what you will about Jason. But he is relentless in prospecting :D

    Jason, given how well known you are in the startup ecosystem, arent you inundated with pitches frequently ?

    At this point is it just a question of numbers for you ? The earlier and more companies you see, the better your chances of exponential results ?

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      We get a ton of deal flow, but candidly I've been looking to invest in more "builders" --- as in founders who actually write code, design products, etc.

      Most of the folks who pitch us are "idea people" or "business people," and when you invest in those folks they take your money and give it to a builder. I've found that giving money to actual builders works better. :-)

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        Well, props to your eager hunger or some associate that is typing these out :P It's probably going to be <2 years when some IH product you fund is going to be a unicorn, you add it to your twitter, and then we'll see a flood of Associates and Analysts here :)

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          We have two associates and we are hiring one more right now (looking for a developer/associate). They tend to deal with all the inbound we get.. they don't have too much time to go out an hunt right now.

          They do 3-4 intro calls a day with founders, 15-20 calls a week... it's a GRIND of a gig, but it's awesome because you get really smart really quick.

          They explain to founders on these introductory calls how our accelerator works, how works, and at what stage we invest (modest to moderate traction).

          If anyone here hits $2-10k a month in revenue that's a good time to ping me and talk about coming to the accelerator/having us invest $100k

          [email protected] for life! put indiehackers in the subject line

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            Curious, do you also invest 100K at 7% like YC used to ? :)

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    Hi Jason, is great to have you here. Will you care to comment what you believe will be the future for online communities? Thank you.

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      clearly, folks love audio
      clearly, folks love mobile
      clearly, folks like to pay for things
      clearly, folks like niche communities

      community is always a great place to look for startup ideas

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    Hi Jason, I'm a big fan, I'm actually listening to your most recent ask Jason now.

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    Hi @jasoncalacanis, welcome to IH. Enjoy trolling. :)

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    Funny, i was just looking at one of your old videos with Fred Wilson.

    Welcome Jason.

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      Fred was one of my earliest supporters... and his wife joanne and I built the first magazine together. great humans

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