Hey Founders and Makers, what problem does your product solve?

I mean what problem do you solve with your product and how does it sound?

For example:
«Google Analytics is a complex tool for most people and most sites don't need that level of complexity. And we solve it with our simple, lightweight, and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.»

Can you share yours here?

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    Tiip.app helps students that struggle with writing assignments. Write questions about your topic and we generates a paragraph of text, giving you a jumpstart.

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      Wow, it's very nice product, Pavel) And the problem sounds like pretty painful.

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        Thanks Alexey! It really is for many students :/

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          This looks really helpful. I've built a product for students, www.apscend.com (which i dropped for now, but might pick it up again next year). If you don't mind, i've got a few questions for you.

          Which channels are you using to get to students?
          Imo students are quite thrifty, and don't easily spend on new products. So how hard is it for you to acquire new customers?

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            @hamishcoding thanks!

            Most of my user acquisition came from friends and friends-of-friends that I know at school. I would demo it to them and they're blown away. I did run some Google Ads but the ROI wasn't great so I dropped that idea quickly.

            You're right about that :) However, what I've noticed is that if your service provides significant value, users will spend. Tiip saves a lot of time and burnout so they validate buying access to it. My churn rate is very low for paying users because of that.

            So really, word-of-mouth is the only channel I use. It's a very underutilized strategy, especially in education, because students talk a lot to each other. Hope that helps!

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              Keep it up buddy. Sounds all very positive so far.

              You should also checkout student forums ( i used https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/ since I was targeting UK students). I got the bulk of my users from there. If there's something equivalent for where you are from, it's worth a shot!

              Good luck!

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              I love the "word-of-mouth" channel=) Cool.

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            Good questions, Hamish. 💪🙂

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          Yeah, agreed, Pavel.

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      @psaz, how do you guys do it? Do you use gpt3 in the backend?

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    Your personal information is out there for anyone to easily Google. That's why we built Removaly. It's an automated software that removes your personal information from the internet.

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      Hey Kyle! Who is facing this problem? For whom is this problem acute? Who are these people?

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        Good question! This is strictly a problem we are addressing for people in the United States so we serve US based users only. As far as our audience... it really applies to everyone, but there's particular interest from working professionals, streamers, executives, and families.

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          Hi there! Other founder of Removaly here. As we continue to grow, we are noticing that there are entire swaths of "types of people" who have a good use for the service we provide.

          From law enforcement to physicians, those facing active harassment threats to people looking to go off-grid and beyond. Every week or so, we are finding a new demographic in need of data privacy and personal information removal.

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            Hey John, thanks for that full answer. 🙌

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          Got it! Food answer, Kyle. Thx. 🤝🙂

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          Great, Emuobosa! Do you use Removaly?

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            Not yet. I just discovered it here but I would save up for it.

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      Awesome app you got there! Would like to work together with you guys some time.

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    Remote Leaf helps job seekers save time by scouring hundreds of remote job boards and send them the ones that are fit based on the skills and location.

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      Hi Abinaya, not bad, not bad! 💪🙂

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    Gosh I think you just inspired me to write my first sales letter, this is way longer than I expected. Here it goes 😅.

    You've spent months building the perfect product, now trying to grow it.

    You've made an interesting MVP and received great feedback. But with lots of other launches competing for attention, you struggle to find new users.

    You're not hallucinating, it's the same for every other maker. And the situation got even worse in the last couple of years.

    With the ascent of no-code and free landing page builders, there are now 1000s of new product launches every day. And most of them look the same…

    The customer you're trying to reach, he's already got notifications for 3 other products today. He’s bored and has seen it all. So how do you make him notice you?

    The startups that are succeeding right now all have something in common: they manage to stand out.

    But how do they do it?

    Mostly thanks to a strong and original brand identity.

    Think of Lemlist, Intercom, Stripe, Basecamp. When you think of them, don’t you instantly see their logo and colors? Their powerful brand design is how they got you to notice and remember them.

    15 years ago, you could have the worst logo in the world (Google) and still succeed. That was back when new product launches were few and far between, and people were still not used to the internet.

    Now, users have seen it all, and they won’t bother trying an app if it doesn’t look credible. If Google launched for the first time today, they wouldn’t stand a chance without a professional logo and brand.

    But wait, brand design is not for you, you’re still at the MVP stage! Brand designers cost a lot of money, and you have no budget. Actually, you don’t even have time to spend on it, you’re just trying to validate your product…

    See how that could be a losing cycle?

    You need branding to standout, but branding is expensive so you first need to make money. But to make money, you need to find users, and for that you need to stand out…

    That’s the problem I’m solving with Logology

    I’ve spent the last 2.5years building it with my wife. She’s a brand designer, and I’m a developper.

    Before doing this, she’s worked for 15 years doing custom brand design for dozens of startups.

    It used to cost $3,000 to work with her.

    It took us many iterations, and lots of beta testers. But we’ve managed to automate her entire process and completely slash the price.

    Here’s how it works:

    • You answer 11 questions about the values of your startup (just like she asked in 1-on-1 sessions)
    • We then match you with logos that reflect your brand (every design was pre-made by her)
    • You can customize the fonts and colors and purchase it right away

    Prices start at $49, and since it’s fully automated, you can be done with it in 5 minutes.

    It doesn’t even require payment or signup to see your logos 🤷‍♂️

    Cheers to your app finally getting noticed 🥂

    Link here www.logology.co

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      Dude, I lost you. Your elevator pitch won't even fit top floor of Burj Khalifa.
      Can you fit that description into 1-2 sentences?

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        Haha thanks man, I just got carried away 😂

        Here's the short version:

        You've built a great product and are now trying to grow it. But you struggle with design and it doesn't look attractive enough. Logology automatically guides you to create a stand out brand for your product, in 5 minutes for $99.

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          Awesome! Now I get it :)
          Maybe you can add "quickly" or "easily" in there.

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            Thanks man, just fixed it!

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      Hey Dagobert, thanks a lot for this powerful letter=) I liked it, really)

      But you know, I think I don't have an issue with logo creation at the early stage. I mean it doesn/t matter in the early stage. It's just my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

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        Thank you Alexey 🙏

        Very hard for me to figure if I’m not solving a real problem or if it’s just not your thing. The life long question 😅

        My intuition is that with growing competition, even at early stage, comes a growing need to look different.

        1. 2

          Ok, I hear you=) Just do it, man!

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    There currently isn't any suitable solution for college students trying to find or sublet their space. Students end up either paying high commissions or spending too much time in their search. Sublet (yoursublet.com) solves both these problems by specifically targeting college students to meet their needs.

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    For indie makers and early stage solo founders, when their momentum fades, so does their project(s). BuildBase (https://buildbase.io) helps turn side hustles into startups by allowing makers to maintain momentum and accountability.

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      Cool problem, cool product idea, Aaron! How did you find this problem?

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        Scratching my own itch mostly but being a part of On Deck No-Code helped shape the idea for sure! Because I'm a bootstrapped solo founder, I have to rely on myself for motivation and accountability. I wanted to build something that helps!

        1. 1

          Heard=) Thanks for your comment, man. 🙌

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    When using Stripe, keeping your test data in sync with your production data can be cumbersome at times. specially if you use different accounts to develop and deploy your application. Diffly allows you to simply synchronize and compare your stripe products between your different environments and accounts.

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      I consider myself a Stripe expert but I don't understand this problem. Why does it matter if your test data and production data are in sync.

      My test data is wildly different from my production data, but...... it's test data so it doesn't matter.

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        I understand that, however, Diffly does not handle all stripe data, it's focused on stripe products.
        Keeping your products synchronized can be crucial depending on your application use case or development environment.
        A good example is when you deploy your application, you might run into some unforeseeable bugs because the products on your production env differ from the ones on the development env (since you developed using the data on the test env).
        Keeping your products synchronized reduces the chance of this occurring and potentially allows you to detect when some change to a product broke the code, by setting up tests that rely on the test data.

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          Hmmm... I would say the more important thing is to make sure that your production data is CORRECT. not that it's in sync with dev (which may be wrong).

      2. 1

        Thanks for your expanding comment, Mick. I hope Hugo has an answer.

    2. 1

      Very nice description, thanks!

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    Remembering different passwords for different applications is difficult. And we're eliminating the need to generate the password and allowing users to login without passwords and provide more security with https://mojoauth.com/

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      Thank you for sharing it, man. But your website is failed. I can't open it. You should fix it.

      I used to 1password a few years. But now I use Bitwarden for managing my passwords. And I really like the idea of login in without passwords! How does it work?

      1. 2

        Thanks mate for pointing it out. I accidentally put the wrong URL, fixed it.

        I believe if the password is still involved in the authentication process, attackers can use it for malicious activities. Our solution is not only limited to manage the password instead eliminate them and provide more security.

        It allows your users to login seamlessly with an email OTP or magic link or WebAuthn, which in turn provides stronger security to your business. The app is free to use and recently we've launched the public beta of it.

        1. 2

          Hey mate, i'm just curious, personally I find magic links a little annoying because you need to go check your email and then it opens on another tab. Am I missing something, or what's the advantage of them? I much rather use a password or OAuth than magic links (maybe i'm an exception).

          1. 2

            I see where you're coming from actually. I like OAuth the best since I just select an account and then done. Maybe also adding OAuth through Google or something might not be a bad idea.

          2. 1

            MojoAuth supports OAuth2.0 and for authentication we don't use passwords. Advantage of using this is you'll get the security of OAuth standard protocol and eliminate all the security threats related to passwords.

            If you personally don't like using magic link, we also support WebAuthn and in near future we'll provide features like phone OTP, push notification, etc.

          3. 1

            You know, I love magic links when I from desktop) And I here it when I from smartphone)

        2. 2

          Wow, cool. I’d like to try.)

          1. 2

            Sure, I'll be glad to know about your experience. :)

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    Wait, What Do You Do? attempts to solve the disconnect between job titles in the data science field and what jobseekers are actually expected to do in the role.

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      Not bad, Steve. 🙌🙂

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    Kiko is a web app (and Slack bot) that allows you to analyze your data via plain English. A lot of people/orgs want to incorporate data analysis in their day-to-day, but don't know how to use complex languages like SQL. Kiko is "Google Translate for Data Analysis"

    1. 1

      Is this product for product analysts only?

      1. 2

        Hey! Thanks for this post and that comment! I envision Kiko being used by anyone who needs to analyze data (executives, data scientists, data analysts, etc.)

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    we have built Wickedtemplates.com for indiehackers.com lacking design skills and/or time.

    So our templates are easily editable for developers because they are made with Tailwind

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      Hi Michael, your templates are looking good. 👍

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    we at nocodehero.tech help founders quickly launch a functional MVP without code and are several times cheaper than traditional development

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    I realized that my life was getting boring and snapchat filters and instagram stories were not cutting it anymore. Hearty Notifications allows anyone to create fake steamy notifications on a 'phone' so they can show people how exciting their life is!

    Get some drama back in your life now with Hearty Notifications.


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      Haha=) Very unusual solution) But how does the problem sound like?

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    As an entrepreneur, you need to understand your customer to build great products that solve real problems. But it's hard to collect, organize, and analyze your research. Valuable insights are going unfound because they're buried in old Notion docs or Zoom records.

    My product helps entrepreneurs collect text and audio notes, record observations and annotate notes, and analyze customer data using visualization tools.

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      Hey Connor, that's interesting problem. What’s your product called?

      1. 2

        Navana - getting ready to launch my landing page and start alpha testing :)

        1. 1

          Cool name! Look forward to seeing your landing page)

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    https://Earli.dev provides a transparent, guaranteed, and affordable way to get a full-stack developer to build your MVP. No more searching for & dealing with unreliable developers, or paying thousands for an incomplete product.

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      Such an interesting problem, Othmane. Thank you for sharing it.

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    Notabase empowers your thinking by helping you create a personal knowledge base of networked notes. Your notes can link to each other, allowing you to connect your thinking and form new ideas!

    Other apps in this space (Roam Research, Obsidian) are 1) too complicated and hard to use, 2) closed-source and non-transparent, and 3) not privacy-centric.

    Notabase offers a simple, yet powerful experience for reading and editing your notes. Everything you type is effortlessly converted into rich text. Your notes are automatically synced and accessible from any device. And the entire app is open source, transparent, and privacy-friendly.

    1. 1

      He Richard, thank you for that clear description of problem! Cool.

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    we make it easy to get inspired with content that is filled with insights, knowledge and learnings. instead of drowning in content overload, you get curated content by others that you find interesting. www.dropcontent.info

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      Oh, so interesting! How did you find this idea?

      1. 2

        the amount of content out there increases every second, which makes it hard to cut the noise and find inspiring content. plus I found it hard to save and organize my content across all formats

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    A simple solution to storing and sharing files on the cloud - https://twayobiz.com

    1. 1

      Hey Sewell, your product looks like one more alternative to existing clouds like dropbox etc. What problem does your product solve?

      1. 2

        Let's say you have a bunch of files stored on your computer but don't want to lose them? Then you can go to Twayobiz and upload them quickly and easily. That's nice but let's add on to that story and say I want to also share my files, download my files, and support document, audio, and image files. Well, we offer that at Twayobiz. (we also allow paying customers to upload video files as well) We're working on more features such as an API where you can upload files externally and a Zapier integration, so stay tuned for that.

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    Bad leadership makes people miserable and costs companies a ton of money - an estimated $319B each year in the US alone. Management books and training courses aren't sticky, and most companies can't afford leadership coaches. We provide inspirational and practical advice on-demand and your inbox, helping leaders build good habits and develop their skills every week.

    Edit: forgot to include a link to our website https://servetheteam.com/

    1. 1

      Sounds good, Steve. 🙌🙂
      Is it servetheteam.com, right?

      1. 2

        Yep! I'll add that to my comment now. Rookie error 🤦‍♂️

        You're welcome to sign up for free to our weekly thought starter, which gets great reviews. I'd love to hear any feedback!

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    There are plenty of language-learning resources on the internet, but it's difficult to know which are the quality ones to use. LLR helps language learners save time and money by compiling quality resources in a single database hosted on Notion.

    1. 1

      Thx for the answer, Yusuf. Quite a broad problem. LLR looks good. 👍

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    https://table.listws.com is a service to easily create websites from an Airtable or Gsheet.

    (here is a job board example: https://remotemkt.listws.app)

    1. 1

      Hey Victor, I like your product! I love this area too) But what problem do you solve with this product?

      1. 2

        Sorry, I miss that part: it helps you separate the site data source, collaborators and backups from the website admin and design

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    Beautify your code and data using https://codebeautify.org .

    CodeBeautify is simple to use tool which helps developers to beautify, validate, minify the data such as JSON, XML, YAML and many more.

    It also has tools which converts JSON to XML, HTML to MarkDown..

    1. 1

      Hey, dude! Your project is so interesting. What's the problem with code beautifying? Can you explain more? Who is facing this problem?

      1. 2

        While developing and debugging API, it returns minified version of JSON, to check and validate JSON or XML or YAML data this tools helps to validate and view in tree mode and expand the nodes.

        for HTML and CSS it can beautify and give proper indentation based on the minified version of HTML and JS.

        Goal is to do beautification without installing any tools or plugin.

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    Video editing and making is too hard from downloading software to dive into it.

    And we solve it with https://pixiko.com/ by giving individual tools for some standalone and frequency tasks, video editor and maker with 1 click binding effects and templates with autoresizing tool and relative time.

    1. 1

      Hey Vadim, I know your product, I like it! I upvoted your product on PH.

      I’m really sensitive to this problem.

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    Aurelio - is analytics platform for your daily life, tracking your emotions and relationships.

    • You can solve hindsight bias and find hidden patterns in your world.
    1. 2

      that sounds really interesting!
      how do you integrate that into your daily habits?

      1. 2

        You have to self track the events hourly or daily and you have the option to connect with people and activity involved in it. This overtime can help to understand your emotion patterns and relationship patterns.

    2. 1

      Hey Yashwanth, if I understand you clearly, you solve the problem for hindsight bias and finding hidden patterns, right? Can you specify it?

      1. 2

        I have said in above comment. You have to track the events, what app does is give you tools to make analysis on your life and hence allowing you to find the patterns.

        1. 1

          Oh, ok. Got it! 🙌🙂

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    "Accept payments in browser extensions" — ExtensionPay

    It's hard to build your own payments system for browser extensions — it's weeks of effort, costs money to run a backend, and takes a lot of learning to get everything right. ExtensionPay does all that with a really simple API for a small fee of sales.

    And so far people are loving it! I really like that it de-risks browser extension creation.

    1. 1

      Understood. So popular problem! Thx, Glen!

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    "Learn Azure is a mobile app which helps users to prepare for Microsoft Azure exams and pass certification for the".

    We combine tests and theory in one app. All of our good competitors have only Desktop version.

    1. 1

      Hey Denis. I understood what you're doing. But what's the problem you solve?

      1. 2

        There are several problems we're solving. The major one is that there is no high-quality mobile app to prepare for Microsoft Azure exams in store. We also provide related documentation or article for each question in tests inside app. We also want to motivate user to keep learning and get MS certificate.

        1. 2

          Heard, heard! Thanks for your reply. 🤝🙂

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    My book teaches you all about self-hosting your application, so you can be a better engineer and save money on hosted solutions.


    • I am a web developer, but don't know how to run my application properly
    • I am a web developer who wants to break into Linux administration and SRE role in the future
    • I want to host my side projects for less money
    1. 1

      Hey Josef, you've made that very clear. Cool. Thx. 🙌🙂

    1. 3

      Candid feedback if I may :)

      Did you ever try updating the design of your website? If so did conversions drop and you swapped it back?

      1. 2

        the aesthetics here are mind blowing 🤯

      2. 2

        We constantly update the design. Conversions never drop.

      3. 1

        I see he didn't yet)

    2. 2

      Hi Maris!

      The description only assumes that repetitive tasks are the problem. But can you maybe elaborate more explicitly on problems you are trying to solve?

      1. 2

        This is simple. If you do the same task on Windows over and over again, then you have a problem -- you are wasting your time. I solve the time-wasting problem by automating those tasks.

    3. 1

      Hey Maris, repetitive tasks in what area?

      1. 2

        Repetitive tasks in Windows. File management, email sending, remote servers (FTP, etc.).

        1. 1

          Ok, got it. Thanks for the answer, Maris. 🙌🤝 Much appreciated.

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    Collecting payments and managing subscriptions requires development knowledge, while you have no clue why to price your work they way you currently do.

    https://www.pricewell.io/ provides a simple solution to integrate payments into a website , while gives you the power to A/B test pricing and manage subscriptions

    1. 1

      That's a clear problem I think. Good job. How did you find this problem?

      1. 2

        I was using Stripe and other type of payment gateways integrations with a previous business of mine and I thought that it was too slow of a struggle to have to create the payment system from scratch. Takes you time from developing and adding features to your product/MVP.

        In the beginning I automated the integration, but I asked if other people had the same problem too. I got different responses from people, asking for a one-stop pricing shop, where you could have everything you need about pricing, from the pricing generation (with proper pricing pages and plans), pricing management (with a customer portal where users could manage their payments) to pricing audit and optimization (with fragmented A/B testing and scalable solutions)

        How does it sound to you?
        Would you use a product like that?
        We still adding in it, but you can take a look here: https://www.pricewell.io/

        1. 2

          Wow, what a good answer. Thank you, man.

          You know, I don't have this problem. I easily integrated Paddle checkout.

          But I think your product is very very powerful for most non-tech people. 💪🙂🙌

          1. 2

            Thanks @shashcoffe appreciate it!
            If I can ask you, why Paddle? What do you like most from their offerings? Is there something missing?

            1. 2

              I chose Paddle because it was the only product of its kind that approved working with me. I'm from Russia and Stripe doesn't allow me to use it without a company in the US)

              1. 2

                That's an actual problem with Stripe, that apparently seem to getting close to solving it, as there are increasing company efforts to expand their operational reach

                1. 1

                  Let’s see=) I hope so.

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    Connect the Community of Afro Fashion Designers to Black People around the world. That's kareeba

    1. 1

      Wow, so specific problem. That's awesome! How did you find this?

      1. 2

        It all start in Italy when I bought an African made clothe on a popular marketplace but unfortunately, I never received it... That's how the idea to build a marketplace for people like me, especially in Italy comes to life.

        1. 1

          Cool story. Thank you for sharing it.

  30. 3

    The NFT Market is saturated so NFT Hunt helps as a Filter, Helps with NFT Discovery
    Product Hunt for NFTs

    1. 1

      Very understandable! Why did you start to solve this problem?

      1. 2

        Tried to sell an NFT Once and saw how steep it is to sell based on How crowded NFTs are

  31. 3

    Building a website that converts is hard. You have to design, build and optimise it.

    https://versoly.com/ comes with 100s of blocks + templates to build it faster. All sites are optimised for SEO and page speed without the need for plugins.

    1. 2

      Totally! It's a huge problem. I like what you're doing, man! 👍💪🙂

  32. 2

    meetrhea.com.au as a marketer / sales person you are either generating too many leads ( in which you can't call them all and they're usually poor quality ) or too few leads. We created an SMS chatbot to follow up and qualify leads so you don't have to.

  33. 2

    mylinks.ai provides creators with a link-in-bio tool that includes their social media content alongside their links on a single page. Users provide us their handles once, and we continuously get their newest posts.

    1. 1

      Very interesting product, dude!

  34. 2

    Working on SaaS website for automatic Image & Video Background Removal and Replacement using Deep Learning.

  35. 2

    I am working on a project to make life easier for pet parents.

    1. 1

      Hey Ajay, what problem your product solve for thees pet parents?

  36. 2

    Startup ecosystem is full of stylish and cool applications but 99% of businesses in the world is going around Excel still. Why? Because it is already installed on most computers, there’s almost no learning curve and quite capable of regular daily stuff.

    So, we build and sell Excel templates at someka.net. We are one of the very few companies who is doing this professionally at a global scale. For most of the products we build, there is a cooler, feature-rich and fancier saas solution out there. But for the reasons I listed above, we still sell a good amount of Excel templates.

    We sometimes receive questions like “hey guys we’ve paid $200k for an ERP solution but we can’t use at the moment, it takes time to transition. Can you build a few spreadsheets for us until we get used to it!”

  37. 2

    ActivityRecommender offers personalized, ML-powered motivation and advice to improve your daily life. It allows you to effortlessly record what you've done, how efficiently you did it, and how you felt. Then it offers lots of analyses, feedback, and suggestions.

    Try it today! https://github.com/mathjeff/ActivityRecommender

  38. 2

    Appstorespy.com helps mobile app developers and marketers to grow by
    spying on competitors

  39. 2

    https://partnerwith.io helps companies to recruit and manage promotion partners and empowers the partners to sell more of the company's products.

    Note; partner can be an agency, affiliate, influencer, marketer, etc

  40. 2

    jBoard.io helps companies and individuals with an audience to create a job board with just a few clicks and monetize their audience. Here is an example of a job board - https://react.cafe

    1. 1

      Hey Marty, that's great! 👍 Thx for your response.

  41. 2

    Privasim - Marketing Solution for Privacy Tools. We help the average user understand how privacy works through game-based learning and endorse privacy tools at the same time.

    1. 1

      Hey David, interesting idea. And just who exactly is your client?

      1. 2

        Privacy Tools like brave, deleteme, removaly, protonmail, duckduckgo, like people from data privacy space :)

  42. 2

    Hey! Our mentor-matching service connects indie founders with startup mentors, based on their goals and challenges. It's called Sparrow - www.SparrowTheApp.com

    So far, we've realized that a lot of founders love talking with other (more successful) entrepreneurs and that's how we started building out our dream startup mentors. If you (or anyone reading this) want to speak to any specific startup mentors, let me us know and we'll do our best to get in touch with them on your behalf!

    1. 1

      What problem do a lot of founders have when they decide to talk to a mentor?

      1. 2
        1. Finding a mentor whose experience is relevant to what they're trying to solve.
        2. Getting actionable "next steps" from their conversation that's actually useful.
  43. 2

    Your work notes are scattered, stale and siloed. New-hires have dumb questions that they're too embarrassed to ask or you're too busy to answer.

    Overmind is a self-organizing team notepad so you can dump your thoughts now, let them percolate, and quickly find them later.

    1. 1

      Very nice, man. 🤘 Thx for the reply.

  44. 2

    We make it easy and fast to implement a blog with WordPress Headless for any website. All self-managed by us under our infrastructure and a SaaS model that covers everything.

    1. 1

      Hi Jorje! Is it a product or service business? What's the name of it?

      1. 1

        Hi Alexey, it is a product that we offer as SaaS. We are currently working on our marketing website, the name is GorillaCMS.

        It's basically a technology layer between our client and WordPress Headless.

        We take care of solving the implementation of WordPress Headless under our infrastructure and the client only has to log in to their blog to start writing and uploading the files from the front to the directory /blog of their current website.

        This allows our clients to have a blog that works 10X faster than a traditional WordPress. You can also use our API, endpoints to send your CMS content to any other place (front) and take advantage of our infrastructure on AWS that gives you everything you need to grow.

        The initial plan starts at 30 usd/month and covers everything.

        How do you see this type of product? Would you be interested in solving the creation of a blog with WP Headless that easy?


        1. 1

          Hi again, Jorje. I really like your idea and I'd try to create a blog with this WP Headless. Why not.

          1. 2

            Oh, thanks for your comment, when we have our launch page ready I will share with you so that you can give me your opinion.

            And you know, if you want to set up a great blogging system without problems, here I am :)

            1. 1

              Roger that, man! 🙌

  45. 2

    Building another CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) seems cliché but we have focused on addressing the missing parts of the many CRMs to solve deep problems.

    After previously being founders at small businesses, we have seen that CRMs only focus on communications and leave out the ability to collect and manage payments within.

    Business Suite, a Simple CRM for Startups is solving this problem by giving entrepreneurs the ability to manage work hours in a way that clients can automatically be billed for services through project management.

    This CRM comes with employee management features and the interesting part is that those who don't have a huge budget to subscribe regularly can use it on a per project basis with what we call "Pay-as-you-go" plans. In essence, pay only when the need to solve the problem arises (company data for expired accounts would be retained for at most 11 months without a paid subscription).

    1. 1

      Oh, well, that's quite a good idea, man! How many users and MRR do you have today?

      1. 2

        Since we launched, we have been testing with about 30 users. That's why we know we have a solution. These are testing arrangements so they are not paying. We just perfected our product this month to be ready so there's no MRR yet.

        1. 1

          Got it. I hope you'll have a hyper-growth with it)

  46. 2

    Music professionals need to share audio files privately and securely. Thats what Songbox.com does.

    1. 2

      hey, awesome domain name! is songbox a privacy tool?

      1. 2

        Thanks. Only got the domain recently. It cost a fortune. For the first 2 years I was on SongBox.rocks.

        Also yes it’s a privacy tool

    2. 1

      Hey again, Mick. Why do many professionals want to share audio files privately and securely?

      1. 2

        Well as you can see from the homepage we have some very high profile users. we have many others that I don't have the relationship with yet to ask for a statement.

        if you are someone like this (doesn't need be a household name) then your music is your work, it's your IP, it's you $$$ and therefore it needs to be handled securely.

        many of the tracks that songbox handles will be "work in progress" mixes of songs that will be big chart hits all around the world in a few months.

  47. 2

    https://pause.fyi - think twice before you impulse buy again.

    1. 1

      Haha, so funny idea=) How did you come to it, Oleg? So much impulse shopping in your life? =)

      1. 2

        Indeed @shashcoffe! Personally, I did not spend hundreds of dollars per month, just up to $50. But a couple of my friends spent hundreds of dollars on books and random ads. IMO buying books is not bad when you actually read them XD.

        Then we spent some time and figured that the average American spends roughly $150-$180 per month for unnecessary stuff 0_o. That's the money that can be invested in something more significant =D

        Then we built a small MVP ^ to see if we can help ourselves and the other people, gathering feedback for improvements/changes.

  48. 2

    Removeit.io removes the background of your videos and let you download a transparent gif

    1. 2

      Wow, it's awesome, dude! Adde to bookmarks. Thx! 🙌

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