👋🏻 Hey. I haven’t made a $1 online yet. If you haven’t either, would you want to join me in a challenge?

Thinking about doing a challenge where the goal is to make $1

Bonus points for $1 MRR.

Gotta use no-code to do it.

Who’s interested

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    @josephech and @chadmueller sweeeet glad there's a couple of you out there that might be interested in this! Would love to riff on it a bit to see what make sense.

    A few thoughts (would love to hear yours, as well):

    • Not limited to $1 So, perhaps we call this whole challenge thing, "make your first $1" but in reality it could be 10, 20, 30 or however much would make sense. Just make your first money on the internet.
    • Type of product Would love to hear y'alls thoughts on this. The easiest way to make money in my mind would be to jump in on some freelance marketplace or advertise some one-off service you could do for an amount of money. But, in IndieHacker fashion, I think it would be cool to develop some sort or "Product." Perhaps it could be an info-product where you are just collecting information. Or maybe it's an ebook, video series, etc. Just something like a product instead of a one-off service. Thoughts?
    • use no-code as the twist - This is pretty broad to be honest. Maybe it doesn't make sense? I mean, you could use Carrd to push a website and the the product could be a notion page or airtable.
    • Maybe the challenge can be 1 month long? What do you think?

    I always hear IndieHackers on the podcast saying how making your first $1 changes you. I figured it'd be nice to join the others in this way.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

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      I think all of this sounds great,.
      Do we want to keep each other updated through this thread?
      When do we want to start the month long challenge?

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        Interesting timing - Gunroad’s 14-day challenge starts on Monday. It’s seems like the same concept.

        Maybe we use it to give us some structure? I might just join:


        And maybe we post here in IH and tag each other for accountability if we need it?
        Cc: @chadmueller

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          I just saw that too, I'm cool with that!

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      I agree - not limited to $1
      I agree it can't be a "one-off service" has to be packaged as a product!
      I wouldn't say we have to use no-code but looking at the 3 of our skill sets we aren't technical founders - so I would say we leverage no-code
      I agree - 1 month challenge!

      Question: Are the three of us working on the same idea or working on individual ideas? how I understood it, we would partner and build a single product!

      Either way let me know - happy to take the rest of the convo to email and facilitate next steps!

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        Thanks for jumpin' in

        I was thinking it was more of a challenge where we each create separate products, but are keeping each other updated with what we're doing and when we finally make a sale.

        That way we can share and help each other but each of us leverage our own skills

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    Let's do it! Count me in.

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    Cool! Seems like something achievable! Is there a certain constraint? Or anything to get to a $1. I assume this isn't from a friend!

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