Hey indie hackers, come roast my landing page and I'll return the favour

Please let me know if the page is communicating what the product is and if the first two lines are a good pitch.


Thursday was born to solve our personal struggle of connecting with the team when working remotely. We had Zoom fatigue and did not want to spend more time in the video grid than necessary. We wanted Thursday to a big colourful fun personality and something that screams - this is not a working space.

It is a no login product and we decided to show most features upfront so people visiting the site know exactly what they are going to be getting.

Please tear it down landing page and be ruthless. All feedback is welcome :)
Drop in your landing page in the comments.

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    Love the playful feeling of the landing page. Also, the video demonstration is in the right place to hook me and continue to the next section. If it was my landing page I would add some testimonials just a small gesture to encourage people to participate easier. Another thing that comes to my mind is that the no signup section and the FAQ are too simple. I mean that a background pattern with doodles or dots would do the trick for me.

    Sorry for the random thoughts. Hope it helped you in some way.

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      Thanks so much for your feedback! This is helpful

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    It's a wonderful page - extraordinarily detailed and amazing UI. The only flaw I can find is

    Yes, there has to be a host who can drive the social.

    For me that just kills it as Thursdays needs to be driving the social and people can come and go as please (including whomever was first).

    Our page is https://www.uclusion.com - thanks in advance for any help - especially since you are clearly very good at landing pages.

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      Thank you for your feedback. it's really helpful.

      Your landing page is neat and concise. Love the information clarity.

      I have some design feedback. Few things you can do :

      • The body fonts in the second section 'Easy to Get Started' and user testimonial quotes could be bigger. Pricing page gray test can be darker to make it more readable.

      • The responsive behaviour of the site can be improved, when the screen size is reduced, the test sticks to the left side.

      • I would reduce the white spacing between each section to reduce number of scrolls.

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    First impressions:

    • 💙 the color(s)
    • 💙 the 'No Signup'
    • The 'No' list made me 😁
    • 💔 squiggly font
    • 💙 the video/gif demonstrating

    Here's mine! --> https://www.indiehackers.com/post/5s-understanding-and-first-impressions-e54fded74a


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      Thanks so much for your feedback :)

      Btw I am unable to access your site. The security certificates are broken it seems.

      1. 1

        Yeah, they're being re-issued. Of course, right when you look! 😂Thank you for trying, maybe check back later if you get some time 🙏

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