Hey Indie Hackers, I'm Chuck

I'm an engineer and I've been coding for around the past 8 years. I first got into coding when I taught myself some HTML/CSS/JS to build my first personal website. And it was a blast to have my own little corner of the Internet where I could put up any blog posts or projects I wanted.

I'm new to the Indie Hackers community but excited to be part of it—to me working on side projects is a way for me to fall in love with coding again. I just want to make stuff that I think is neat.

So my first project is something called DocsToSite. It's a SaaS where you can generate sites out of Google Docs. These sites can pretty much be anything—a blog, a portfolio, a landing page, or something a bit more elaborate. I would love your thoughts & feedback! And if you'd like to give it a try, sign up for early access here.

Looking forward to learning, contributing, and growing with the community.

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    Hey Chuck - welcome! Very cool Saas...I’ll give it a try. How did you think of it? Is this your first project?

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      Thanks! Feel free to sign up on the early access list in DocsToSite.com if you’d like to know when it’s production ready.

      I had always felt like it was a small hassle to write blog posts in Markdown & get them to look exactly as I wanted, so a Google Docs converter seemed useful.

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